Robert and I just returned from a holiday –  10 days away. 

240+ hours removed from our daily concerns. It was awesome.

After a bit of reflective thinking, I’ve defined our time as spent in 5 different ways.  And when I think about other holidays, I believe we’ve always used our time in these ways…  It’s a reflection of our values.

When we go away on a holiday, we love to:

Take time to be silly.

Life is serious – with responsibilities and weighty issues.  Holidays are time to relax and practice being silly.  I can always tell when Robert is on a holiday – he’ll start singing.  His song lyrics are never complete and he’ll mix up melodies (like starting with the bridal march and finishing with camp town races).  Hearing him humming and singing is my cue to relax. 

On this trip, we spent time at a tourist shop.  This shop was full of all the hilarious kitschy stuff that looks fun in the store but you never know what to do with when you get home!  To show you how light hearted we were feeling, here are 2 signs we found to “model”.

Boy, was I giggling.  There’s nothing like poking fun at yourself!

Take time to learn.

We love to learn – in person & through reading books.

On this holiday, Rob was a part of a leadership training conference hosted by John Maxwell.  Of course, we had a few books by John Maxwell sitting around our room and Robert was excited to share what he’d heard.

We also took time to visit Disney’s Epcot.  At every country’s pavilion there were people from that country and we took the time to chat and ask questions.  It felt like a world tour in one day!  Here’s a video Epcot – Japanese Drummers as we listened to the Japanese Drumming.  Such power and grace.  (and strong arms!)

Take time to eat!

We didn’t just eat – we feasted!

Breakfast is Rob’s favorite meal, so Cracker Barrel is his special spot to stop at whenever we travel.  It’s “Mama’s French Toast” every time!  I think we went there 4 times… 

 And while we were away it was my birthday, so I celebrated with a Creme Brulee in Epcot’s “France”.    (our waiter, Francois, was so charming!)


To finish our travels we stopped in Savannah at “Lady & Sons” – Paula Deens restaurant!  From our butter-laced melt-in-the-mouth cheddar biscuits, to superb fish/lamb main course, to grand finale of pecan pie and Key lime pie…  it was to die for eating!  (and well worth the hot and muggy temperature outside.)

 Take time to meet new friends!

This holiday we had the special pleasure of spending time with Debi & Tom Walter – the hearts behind the blog, The Romantic Vineyard

We spent a lovely evening together.  First we toured their favorite spots around Park Avenue and saw in person some of the sights Debi has highlighted on her blog.  It had a friendly, open feel, and the houses were just spectacular!  Then we had a chance to eat dinner at Dexter’s and chat.  We talked about blogging and business, about leadership and homeschooling, and, of course, marriage.  Debi & Tom have a special relationship, and shared some insights on how and why their blog grew.  Giving honor and glory to God is their focus.   I pray we have other opportunities to spend time with this couple again soon…

Take Time to Have Long Conversations

One of our marriage strengths is being able communicate.   Time goes by so quickly when Robert & I talk – that’s why driving long distances are a joy.  A holiday is not complete unless we have long, uninterrupted blocks of time to really delve into topics.  It’s such a blessing to be able to share life with my best friend.

When you take a holiday, at home or elsewhere, how is your time spent?  Do you have favorite things to do?