Happy Friday – What are you thankful for this week?

Here are some questions to consider… ask your spouse and share!

Food: What foods made us feel good this week? Why?

Hobby: Have we spent time on our hobbies this week? What makes us happy when we do?

Emotions: What brought us joy this week?

Era: Why are we grateful about living in this time and age – did it show up this week?

Challenge: What was our greatest challenge this week and how did we overcome it? (If we didn’t then let’s make a plan.)

Greatest Accomplishments : What was our greatest accomplishment this week how did it make us/me feel to succeed?

*These questions are adapted from the month of gratitude challenge – see the post!

Happy Friday – Share It

Do we use all our time talking about challenges and disappointments? How much time do you allow yourself – maybe even force yourself – to dwell on what is positive in your life?

happy friday - think about those things which are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable - share them!

Share with your family – start a tradition!

Being thankful starts with those who lead the family.

Guess what? That’s you two! You lead your family.

Do you eat a meal together on the weekend with your family? Share what good stuff happened this week – first with each other, and then ask your children and grandchildren.

Use Skype if you live far from them. (Or call them on the phone!)

Make it a tradition.

Shape your conversation to change the world.

Don’t like your world? Want to change it? Start shifting the conversation between you and your spouse. It’s going to bring greater dividends than you imagine…

Use your conversations with those you influence to inspire and encourage. It’s a small thing – but possible. One conversation at a time. Talk about what’s true, and lovely. Include what is noble and admirable into what you share. Praise and give thanks for what is excellent.

Leadership is about influence – no more, no less. Be sure you’re influencing well.

Happy Friday - talk with those you lead about what is good true lovely and admirable

Happy Friday!

If we’re going to give you a challenge – we have to be accountable too… right?

Here are Rob and my answers to these questions:

Food that made us happy? I made (a version of) this yesterday! Roast pork tenderloin & potato with green beans. It was yummy!  The left-overs will taste good too, I’m sure. 😉 We’re thankful we can share a meal together.

Hobbies? We read a good book this week – even did a post about it. (It’s about marriage, as you might have guessed… is marriage our hobby? hahaha  Maybe!)

fight arguement spat - what do you call it?

We’re thankful we can read. So much to discover – so much to share. Reading and sharing starts lots of good conversations.

I’ve been re-reading The Screwtape Letters, and to increase my understanding I’ve been watching video lectures about the book. Wow – what I’m learning. And I can share with Rob my experience. Just watch this video (it’s the last of the series of lectures – but might be the best) to understand more.

Joy? Rob was away for a few days, and when he returned he was so happy to see the grandboy. And I was filled with joy watching them. So thankful.

happy friday - Theo and Grandpa have a conversation

This Era? We have to be happy about technology in this era – this week it showed up by us being able to be connected even though we were across the country from each other! We’re thankful we can keep our marriage strong even in this era.

Greatest Challenge? – Living our value of optimism. Yes. Even encouragers struggle sometimes. We’re working on it… focusing on being thankful is a perfect way to win this challenge!

Greatest Accomplishment this week? Writing. Even when time doesn’t permit. Even when we don’t feel like it. Even when we’re brain-dead, and without ideas… writing something the best we can and pressing “publish” is an accomplishment.

We’re thankful for you – who read our posts! Happy Friday!

happy friday = we are thankful for you
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