Our hands are amazing. We use them in so many different ways.

They are a gift from God – but sometimes.. perhaps… we take them for granted…

Let’s give thanks for being able to use our hands.

To hold our spouse by the hand… from beginning to end.

hands older couple

To touch the hands of our babies.

The joy of a baby’s hand as she sleeps on her Abuela’s shoulder.

baby V's hand

To use our hands in tandem with a friend.

We gathered on Saturday – men, women & children –

to decorate & clean our church for Thanksgiving.tying raffia - helping together

yard work

It was a beautiful experience – just a little church family in Garner North Carolina.

To worship using the fruits of the field & give thanks.

A trip to the farmer’s market to gather fresh produce.

And then using our hands to shine those apples,

remove the outer layers of the onions,

L and A peeling onions

and brush the dirt from the potatoes,

before placing all the bounty of the earth on the altar.

altar 2 organ and ladies view from the pew and ladies

To look forward – giving thanks for developing hands.

Our son, daughter-in-love, and expected grand-boy.  We are all giving thanks.

Thanksgiving altar with Alex and expecting Alisane through Sarah's lens and arm

Two sets of mother’s hands – expecting to see their babies’ hands soon…

4 sets of hands

To share the joys of our hands with our children.

And pass on the delight of work and worship to our children.

boys at altar

And be still for a moment – to give thanks.

altar and K

What are you doing with your family — or church family — to give thanks?

How will you be using your hands to give thanks?

 j hands

j and s handsbookcase

hands to help in thanksgiving pin