Sharing what we learn and read is important. And even though Robert and I work from home, one room away from each other, we can spend an entire day on separate computers only meeting in passing with a kiss in the hall.

So sometimes we go on errands together. We grab the moments.

Sharing What We Read

One of our differentiating values as a couple is “Discovery”. (Seeing, experiencing, learning and doing new things.) That’s why books are a huge part of our marriage.

As we were out and about today, I shared with Robert the book I’m reading, Grace Filled Marriage by Dr. Tim Kimmel. Robert enjoys when I read aloud the parts I find interesting – often those bits will spark interesting conversations…

I’ll be reviewing the book in the next few days… lots to discuss!

How do you share what you’re reading or learning with your spouse?

Do you read aloud to each other? – Watch educational programs together? –

One guy I know watches cooking shows and then makes the recipes for his family…