Good Questions. When we mentor couples, we encourage them to ask each other at least one good question every day. Why? Because having deep and satisfying conversations are vital for a growing relationship.

Great conversations begin with good questions. 

Maybe you’re feeling a bit lacking in the “good question” ability department. If you are, that’s OK.  Even we’ve had those dry spells where we can’t think of a “safe” topic. 😉

Here are some resources to build a repertoire of good questions:

  • The Byerly’s have 365 questions you can download and print. That’s a whole year! Click HERE.
  • Use Proverbs so spark some conversations. Click HERE
  • These are some of the best fun questions and thoughtful questions we’ve compiled from other bloggers. Click HERE

What if you can’t ask good questions?

We know you’re busy. If it’s not possible to print out these good questions, then here’s another option:   Dayspring’s Conversation Starter Jar  –  this is the first time we’ve seen something like this already created for you!  

Good questions lead to great conversations - encourage your spouse

We’d rarely suggest buying something if you can make it yourself, but there are instances when you might not have the time or the inclination. If that’s the case – then this product is perfect for you. It’s a pretty jar. There’s a lovely inscription from 1Thessalonians and 60 questions already printed and cut up.

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Build your conversational “bank” as a couple!

Don’t wait.
We’ve seen too many couples who walk through their marriage with nothing to talk about – they feel like they’re growing apart and don’t know how to “fix” it.  Here’s one way!

Grow your ability to ask good questions and you’ll have deeper, more satisfying conversations that will lead to a growing and healthy relationship. Lead a meaningful life as husband wife!

Encourage Your Spouse! Good questions will bridge your conversational divide!

Good Questions Lead to Great Conversations - 3 resources to encourage your spouse with good questions

Good Questions lead to great conversations - here are some resources to begin those great conversations with good questions.