I grew up as an only child, with a love for books. We ate every meal together, but unlike most every family I’ve ever known, we didn’t talk much. Instead… we read.

The Dillmann familyWe read at the table. Mom with her paperback, Dad with his newspaper or magazine, and me with my library book. It was very normal to me to go through an entire meal without speaking. It felt cozy. Peaceful. And after we were done eating, I’d take my plate to the sink, and go to my room to continue reading.

My Dad’s office had a wall and more of books, and my Mom and I went to the library each week to borrow new books. My Mother, who is in her eighties now, continues to go to the same library each week!

Ferguson-Family-1965 sepiaNow, Robert grew up as the second child of two teachers. He had an older sister. And when he talks about his time at the table as a child, it sounds much more lively than my peaceful, reading experience. His sister and he nattered and bickered, his Mum would introduce all kinds of topics, and though his Dad didn’t talk much (he was busy eating), he listened  intently. However, they also read as a family. And still do.

Robert’s Dad and Mum have books in each room in their house, and there’s always a book or three on the tables beside the chesterfield. (For those of you who might not know, a chesterfield is what we call a couch in Canada.) 

In Our Family, Books Carry a Lot of Weight

Fast forward a few decades, and Robert and I had our own kids – two of them – a girl and then a boy. And yes… we read a lot!  A huge amount. I read fiction and non-fiction – Robert read mostly non-fiction.


We were fortunate enough to educate our kids at home, so we could spend days and days… just reading! In fact, the majority of the weight in the truck for our move from Ontario, Canada to Texas USA was books! (That’s not an exaggeration – it’s true.)

alex and alisane at the showerOur kids are all grown up and living life with gusto. Sarah still reads a lot. (Almost as much as I do.)  Alex goes through jags of reading fiction, but most often is reading biographies and business books. We know he shares what he reads with his wife!

And… There’s a new grand-boy due in December 2015, so I’m looking at all the picture books again – preparing for a new generation.

What’s your history with books?

Did you grow up in a family that enjoyed reading?  What about today? 

Are you a purest, and delight in the feel and smell of a physical book in your hands, or have you been seduced by the draw of unlimited books on an electronic reader?

Do you share insights and adventures from the books you read?

Oh, Robert and I constantly discuss our ideas from online articles, and share them with our adult kids. I’ll read stuff from my books out loud to Robert, and he’ll do the same. As we drive, I’ll often read aloud – here’s a great book we read as we traveled toward Texas in April 2015.

Reading Wild Company Instagram

Kelley and Tom Robert and LoriOne of our favorite outings on our 18-month adventure around North America was with friends in Texas – to a bookstore. A used bookstore, Recycled Books and Records in Denton, Texas.

And then we talked about books… all kinds of books. We talked about faith, about science, about child-rearing, about too many topics to list – all sparked from our love of books. (They have a full wall of bookcases filled with books at their house!)

Just this week, Kelley posted this TED talk to my Facebook wall about reading books from all around the world:

Libraries! as We’ve Traveled North America for 18 Months

It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you that we love libraries, would it? As we traveled, libraries became our “home base” in every new city. They became a place to orient ourselves to a new environment, its history and culture, and to work for a while using the free Wifi!

The largest library we visited was in McAllen Texas – it was a former Walmart!  It now includes a theatre, and 123,000 square feet of books! You can read about our experience here and see more pictures. 

main area mcAllen Texas Library

The smallest and most unique library we visited was in Williston, Florida – a former bank, including the safe!

Williston Libary

What can a good book give you and your family?

So what’s my point after all this meandering about reading and books?

Books are an important part of life – spend time reading!

good books connect and make memories tw

A good book provides connection and memories.

A good book will:

  • draw you closer to God – the Bible is a book, remember?
  • spark memories as a family
  • open up the world, even if you’re stuck in one spot
  • provide unending conversation with friends
  • connect you and your spouse to an idea or cause
  • give insight into your own character and understanding to others
  • demonstrate how much you still can learn regardless of your age
  • share a happy experience from your childhood with another generation
  • melt away the stress from life, by journeying into a happy-ever-after
  • find options and solutions to problems
  • challenge you to grow
  • and so much more….

What does a good book do for you?

Leave a comment below – add to the list!

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Gold Nuggets from around the Cyber Neighborhood

For you and your family…  So often I read encouraging posts by other Christian writers – I might put them on my Facebook page, or forward the link to a particular person, but they’re so well written, and/or the ideas are so valuable, I want to do more. Here are a few links from this week, I just had to share:

A Review of Two Books – by Traci at Traces of Faith – 

Traci delves into two books which speak to my heart; they’re about walking beside someone – a friend, or loved one – who is dealing with a terminal illness, and death.

How often I feel helpless in the face of an overwhelming situation, that I don’t know what to say or do, and, sadly, I end up saying and doing nothing.

These two books have gone on my “wish list”, and I’m looking forward to reading them in the new year. Read Traci’s review to learn more about the books.

Spreading Cheer –  by Manda at Sweet Right Here

sweet right here spread cheerThe photos alone will bring a smile to your face – so beautiful!  This post is about making new Christmas traditions, and it caught my interest as we are expecting our first grand-boy this month… I can imagine doing this with him next Christmas! Check out the post – you can also win a gift card by following the directions.  BTY – Manda mentioned that her sister took these photos, and I must say, she is so talented!

Stacey over at A Life Repaired asked an important question about the state of our faith

How’s the state of my faith? Is it a bit fluffy? Am I starving my faith? And then Stacey went on to draw a picture of what a good friend would do when asked to pray…  it got me pondering. Prayer is important. I’m sure Stacey would agree, but is it the only thing we do when confronted with a person whose faith is fluffy, but they’re starving? Take a read – ask yourself…

What are Robert and Lori reading right now?

Robert has just finished a book, Crazy Busy that he says I need to read!  As we lay in bed in our little house-on-wheels, he’d read excerpts and we’d chuckle together…

Now he’s gone onto another book, about leadership. The Heart Led Leader by Tommy Spaulding, about leading from the heart.

I’m reading two books also – one by CS Lewis on Prayer – “Letters to Malcolm; Chiefly on Prayer”  and “Fun Loving YouEnjoying Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind” by Ted Cunningham.

good books connect and make memories sq

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