Encouragement in marriage is a priority. If you aren’t encouraging your spouse – your wife, your husband – who will?

With encouragement in marriage – whether through

  • a word – an attitude – of hope for the future,
  • the knowledge of being prayed for and the interaction of praying together,
  • demonstrating a confidence in God’s faithfulness,
  • being loved without condition despite not being perfect,
  • or being supported by your spouse in an activity that has importance to one or both

a softening can begin …   

But encourage one another daily, 
as long as it is called Today, 
so that none of you may be hardened 
by sin’s deceitfulness. 

~Hebrews 3:13

The gift of encouragement is more than a gesture

– it’s one way to protect your husband’s or wife’s heart. <Tweet This>

Encouragement in Marriage for husbands and wives