Growth in Marriage. Does that mean that we all get bigger pants, the more years we’re married?

That’s not the growth I’m going to talk about in this post for the “A to Z” challenge of 27 Values in 27 Days… although Robert and my clothing sizes have definitely changed for the larger since we were married 32 years ago… me more than him! 😉

Just ponder the definition of this Value and relate it to your relationship:

Growth: to become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain; a progression.

Has your marriage relationship grown?

Is your relationship with your spouse larger, greater and bigger than it was when you first were married? Has there been a gain?

arrow growth

Do you see the progression the two of you have gone through? Are you content with the progression you’ve made together?

Marking the Growth of your Marriage

If life is worth living – it’s worth documenting. And the same is true for your marriage. Celebrate GROWTH in your marriage!

How do you document your marriage relationship?

  • Photos are a universal way to look at a progression in your marriage. When was the last time you pulled your wedding photos off the shelf, and looked through them? What about your photos from when your kids were born? Are you continuing to take photos? These days our digital life has taken over – have you printed any photos lately? There’s a huge difference in holding a physical photo in your hand, compared to looking at on your phone… Maybe it’s time to have some photos printed? These days you can even have a hard-backed book created with photos…  
  • Anniversaries are a way to mark a progression in your marriage from year to year. Do you have any anniversary traditions – specific places you visit or activities that are unique to your anniversary date? Do you even celebrate your anniversary? Maybe it’s time to add in some traditions – and make more of your anniversary than you’ve every done before. Don’t wait for a specific number – like 25 or 50 – rather, make each year special. Your relationship – your life together – is special, and so should each mark on the anniversary calendar of years. It doesn’t need to be expensive – just memorable! Take a look at the list of traditional gifts/celebratory ideas – and if it’s too expensive, then be creative. If there isn’t one for your year… make one up! Let the growth of your marriage be marked at every anniversary. 
  • Have you ever noticed how many of your shared goals you’ve completed? (Couples married a few years might find this easier than couples married a few decades.) There’s a story of a company executive who kept a scrapbook on his desk filled with notes and letters from customers and venders who appreciated the company. Whenever it seemed like disaster had struck – yet again – this company executive pulled out his scrapbook of positive notes  and slowly went through it, page by page. It provided the impetus and inspiration to keep going, regardless of the current mess. Imagine if you and your spouse kept a scrapbook of all the goals that you’d accomplished over the life of your marriage… imagine if you had this tangible and real document of all the ways the two of you – together – had overcome and pushed on through to the goal… imagine if, when all seemed to be for naught in your relationship, you two could sit together, and go through your book of documented successes (large and small), and give thanks to your Heavenly Father…. Yes. Just imagine. 

Do you have other ways you document the growth of your marriage? (leave a comment and share!)

It’s never too late to GROW!

Perhaps you’re not content with the growth of your marriage relationship. Maybe it hasn’t grown in the way you thought it would – or it’s not deeper or greater or bigger… It’s not too late! Is it possible, maybe… just maybe… you haven’t given your marriage relationship the opportunity to grow?  What we focus on – grows! 

Focus on the Value of Growth!

growth in marriage

This is the 7th of 27 posts about Values to enrich marriage. It’s an “A to Z” grouping of posts to encourage you and your spouse, that was sparked by a challenge on Instagram for the month of July 2016.

All these posts are under the category of “Family”. Why? Because your relationship as husband and wife has a greater impact on just the two of you… Everyone benefits – children and those you love, along with your friends – when you have a healthy, strong marriage!


The posts in this series can be found on the PAGE – 27 Values to Enrich your Marriage  (BTW – If you’re reading this post before the end of July 2016, then the page isn’t complete… I’m still writing! 😉 )

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