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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

Recharge – Make time!

Have you made time to "recharge" - gather energy - lately? What about supporting your spouse if they need to recharge? We talk about how introverts need to recharge in the 7th mid-marriage encouragement video... Time to Recharge Susan Cain - who we referenced in this...

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Focus on the Good Stuff

Good Stuff - What's that?  Marriage and life itself is filled with both good and not-so-good. Where are you focusing? We talk a little bit about what to do when faced with the bad stuff... In the video we speak of strengths, and focusing on strengths in each other. Do...

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Plan to be a Dream Team

As a husband and wife dream team, planning is a powerful tool. Planning brings you together & addresses those mid-marriage “yellow caution sign” statements.

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Make New Connections – Break out. Reach out.

Make new connections in the middle of marriage, and your marriage will grow. Invite new people into your life - even if it's only for a moment or so. Reach out and make new friends. You and your spouse still have lots to learn and other people are great resources. In...

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Making Date Night Memories

What 3 things have you dreamt of doing on a date night? Make some date night memories by planning ahead and taking action! (Free downloadable worksheet!)

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