Fun Work – what is that?  

“It’ll be Fun!”  My husband knows me well – he’ll often entice me to an activity or task all wrapped up in a coating of fun. Yes. After 32 years of marriage, Robert knows what’ll motivate me. And I’ve learned to identify my barriers to a task, and he fills in to negate them. So “it” will be fun!

The Value of Fun in Work and Marriage

As a differentiating value, Fun means

activities that are enjoyable or amusing; playfulness; or therapeutic refreshment. 

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you if I share that there isn’t much fun in some work. Taxes. Cleaning out the garage. Some work is just that. Work. However, as a husband and wife who want to embrace the value of fun in their work and marriage, then attitude is the muscle that needs to be exercised. Marriage is a lot of work. Why shouldn’t it be fun work?

(Note: I was going to make a list of all the things in marriage that are work and put it here – but I decided that wouldn’t be much fun… 😉  I’m guessing you can think up your own list if you need to.)

Can you be playful with your spouse as you work? Can you feel refreshed as the work gets done? Sometimes our attitude is the barrier…

An Attitude

Stuff needs to get done – even in a meaningful life as husband and wife. However, if you get the mundane work done with an attitude of playfulness and build in refreshment, then you can keep fun in the work!

fun work be playful

5 Ways to Be Playful Even if the Work Needs to be Done

5 Ways to Be Playful Even if the Work Needs to be Done - Making Work Fun in Marriage

  1. Play energetic music. The most mundane work can be fun with the right music playing! Wear headphones if it’s not appropriate for the environment you’re working in – just start the music at the same time as your spouse, and you’ll be movin’ and boppin’ on the same beat!
  2. Dress the part. Yes – I’m serious! Cleaning is much more fun if you put a bandana around your head, roll up your shirt sleeves and play the part. Dance with the broom as you sweep…  (You get the idea, right?)
  3. Use a board game as a marker of getting things done. Think of Snakes and Ladders – every time you get part of the work done (you’ve already determined the way-points), then you get a chance to roll the dice and move your piece. If the game isn’t done before the work is done, then you get to finish the game as part of the fun!
  4. Take photos – use funny expressions – kiss! and smile!  It’s been proven that smiling changes mood.
  5. Listen to comedians. (Or tell your own jokes.) SiriusXM Satellite Radio has comedy channel options. Try the library to see which CDs they have of your favorite comedians. (Sometimes you can request that the library purchase some if they don’t have what you’re looking for.)  Or invest in some of your own CDs – or digital downloads. There are lots available in whatever fashion you and your spouse find funny. (Rob and I like Bill Engval.)

Fun Work You are a team

5 Ways to Build in Refreshment During the Work That Needs to be Done

  1. Break to stretch. In fact – you can even do some stretches together! Or try a bit of Tai Chi.
  2. Drink!  (No – not that kind of drinking… or maybe. 😉  )  Staying hydrated keeps your head in the game and feeling refreshed. Be fun and make different flavors of iced tea, or mix up a smoothy… or enjoy popsicles…
  3. Kiss! Oh, come on – what’s not refreshing about a nice kiss, part way through the work?
  4. Nap. Grab a 10-20 minute nap to refresh yourself during the work. Here are some more benefits to power naps in a post on Health Ambition.
  5. Break to be alone or connect – according to how you build energy. Extroverts: phone someone and say hello!  Introverts: find some solitude to reflect.

Fun Work is Possible!

Just get your attitude muscle flexing, and you can mix in playfulness, and refreshment into the work, making it fun work!

Are you avoiding the work? Why?

You might be procrastinating to avoid the work that needs to get done… Maybe you don’t know where to start – or you think someone else should be doing that work.

There are nine reasons we all procrastinate. (There’s a book about moving past that procrastination problem, if you’re interested.)  If you know which of the nine reasons is stopping you from getting the work done, then it’s easier to remove the barrier.

Here’s an illustration – it’s pretty simple, and kind of silly, but it’s real.  Maybe you wouldn’t find this a problem… Think of something you’re avoiding doing, if it helps.

fun work sewing on a button

Robert’s shirt needs a button sewn on. This usually isn’t much fun as a task by itself… and I’ve been procrastinating. Rob would really like to wear his shirt. (And yes, he does know how to sew on his own button, but I offered and I’d like to do something nice for him.)

Yes – I know how to sew on a button, so lack of knowledge isn’t the procrastination problem. Maybe I’ve been been hoarding my energy for something else? (Otherwise known as laziness.) But, after consideration, the real procrastination problem is that I don’t have the button – the washing machine ate it.

Rob removed the barrier for me by suggesting I use the button at the top collar, which he never buttons up. And then he suggested we watch a movie together and I can do it while I’m enjoying the movie.

See? No more procrastination and Fun Work.

Move past procrastination, and add in some fun.

If you’re stuck, or avoiding the work you need to get done – first decide why you’re avoiding it, then add in some fun.  Anything is possible if you work together.

As a husband and wife you’re a team… Encourage each other! 

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