Fun on wheels can take you and your spouse on many adventures. Get carried away together!

Staying connected while exploring and having fun is such an encouragement – both while you’re experiencing your fun, and afterward when you look at photos and reminisce.

Have you explored having fun together on wheels?

Fun on Wheels

The Obvious – A Road Trip

Maybe you’ve traveled a bit with your vehicle over the Christmas holidays. What have you seen – where have you gone? Was it just you and and your spouse?

It’s a new year – so start those afternoon excursions together. Find new spots to kiss!

Road trip Fun on wheels

Robert and I have embraced fun on wheels, as a full-time adventure since May 2014. We are traveling with our F150 truck and little-house-on-wheels. Yes.  We live – full-time – in 282 square feet. On wheels . We’ve enjoyed some pretty special spots on the North American continent on our road trips!

Living Light summer 2014 fun on wheels

Fun on wheels near Ottawa, Ontario Canada

travel fun on wheelsHave you ever holidayed in a recreational vehicle?

What about a trailer, a fifth wheel, or a motor-coach? The nicest part of this kind of road trip is that you take your own bed, and bedding, everywhere you go. And your bathroom is there also, so everywhere you “go” is your own facility! 😉

On our road trip we toured the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhardt, Indiana – did you know know that the RV has been around for more than 100 years, pretty much since the beginning of the automobile?

What about other opportunities – what other fun-on-wheels can you have?

Biking with and without a motor!

What about biking? Do you and your spouse ever bike on a path, or even around your neighborhood? That’s fun on wheels! It doesn’t need to be a strenuous experience (or it could be!), and it needn’t be a whole day – just fifteen minutes. Borrow some bikes, if you don’t own any!

Fun on Wheels

What about a motorized fun on wheels? Have you ever tried a motorcycle? Or a 3-wheeler?

When we lived in Texas, we visited a cool couple – they were the first couple we’d ever known who had motorcycles in their garage – and rode them regularly.  It’s gone down on Robert and my “bucket list” to try. What about you? Do you ride?

two wheeled motorized fun on wheels

Last winter, while in a RV spot near Fort Myers, Florida, our neighbors were one of the many couples who took their daily road trips on motorized bikes – and 3-wheelers, as a group. It looked like so much fun!

3 wheeling fun

Horse Drawn Fun on Wheels

Charleston, South Carolina is a great city to tour via a horse-drawn carriage. Does a city near you have the option for an afternoon tour via a carriage?

horse drawn four wheeled fun

Take the Trolley!

Here’s an idea for more fun on wheels as a husband and wife! Try a trolley! Or take along your whole family for even more memories.

A few years ago, our son made the video below. He recruited his whole family – wife, sister, dad and mom, and extended church family – for a ride on a trolley.

Imagine the memories you can make – for a bit of an investment – and all the fun you can have on a few wheels!

And it’s not just for newlyweds… kiss your wife or husband on a trolley!

kiss on a trolley - fun on wheels

About that newlywed couple kissing on the trolley? Well – they’ve just had a baby!   Read more about the changes in their marriage HERE.

Get carried away kissing on all those wheeled options!

Make 2016 the year to get carried away!Fun on Wheels Get Carried Away pin

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