Life can become pretty serious, and unless we’re careful, all the responsibilities and concerns (ours and others) become a weighty blur.  Building a strong hope for better in the future becomes a really important function. 

So, how can you keep your hope quotient full?  You do the opposite to everything else that’s going on..

Today I decided to see if Robert & I could inject a shot of frivolous fun into our Friday.   

My criteria for our frivolity was:

  • It could accomplish nothing toward any of our goals
  • It would meet absolutely no needs (of anyone)
  • It would be totally new
  • It had to have no lasting value of any kind
  • It would be completely spontaneous

What did we do, you ask?

We had Tea for Two!

We went to a local Tea House – and tried something new. 

Rooibos tea.  It is the leaves from the Rooibos bush native to South Africa.  Robert had a Cream Caramel Rooibos – very smooth and mild, and I had a Red Chai Rooibos – very spicy and strong.

Our Friday Frivolous Fun was different from what we always do.  It met no-body’s needs.  It brought us no closer to our goals.  We drank the tea and it had no lasting value of any kind (not even calories!) 

I think this experience met every one of my objectives!*

How do you inject frivolous fun into your life?

*and… it was kinda romantic – sipping tea in the back room and reading the classified ads in the independent newspapers.  Wow.  You’d never guess all the crazy stuff people advertise!