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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

The Tangy Taste of Encouragement – Take Action!

Cooking is not my favorite thing to do. Like most married people, responsible for feeding the mouths in the house, I've perfected a few favorites. And when all else fails, there's always sauce from a jar dumped over spaghetti. Yes - I can hear all you chefs, and...

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Dare to Celebrate – Build a Strong Marriage

It doesn't matter the circumstances of life - celebrating with your spouse builds a healthy marriage.  Birthdays are an ideal excuse to celebrate that special person God created just for us. August 27th is my birthday. September 7th is Robert's birthday. There are 11...

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Food. Glorious Food.

Glorious food.  We all need to eat - why not make it a celebration? OK.  I confess.  I'm not thrilled about cooking.  I do cook.  Often.  And Rob is a very good husband because he never complains and is always appreciative even if what I make doesn't turn out the...

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Tangible Encouragement

Sometimes encouragement can take a tangible form. On a cold, dreary day a hot bowl of homemade soup with a side of crusty warm bread can feel comforting. Never underestimate the power of warmth. The one you love may not always be close, but if they are, then reach out...

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