Glorious food.  We all need to eat – why not make it a celebration?

OK.  I confess.  I’m not thrilled about cooking.  I do cook.  Often.  And Rob is a very good husband because he never complains and is always appreciative even if what I make doesn’t turn out the best.  I have a few favorites that I make on a regular basis – but on the whole I’m not very adventurous.

To inspire myself, I’ve been reading food blogs.  Recipe blogs.

In addition, one of my friends is a chef and she’s been spoiling me…  So.

Warning:  This post is going to make you hungry.

One way to encourage your wife or husband is to feed them. 

Eating together is another way to spend time talking about the good stuff in life.  Therefore, here are some blog links to get you thinking about making something special for your spouse:

Cooking Glorious Food with Elise

Elise is a wife, open-nester mom, & chef who believes in encouraging families to get into the kitchen and cook together.  She blogs constantly, is passionate about natural foods and has an infectious laugh. I must admit, her glorious food makes my mouth water…

Here’s one of her videos – this one is for biscotti which is awesome dunked in morning coffee!


Carolina HeartStrings

Recently I met the 2 ladies who host Carolina HeartStrings – Alessa & Tammie – at a taping of Cooking with Elise at Home.  We had such fun eating and talking about blogging for a few hours that day.

More Good Food:

Baked Ziti – from Simply

Salted Caramel Strawberries – from the

Steakhouse Pizza –

Bottom Line?

Encourage Your Love through their stomach!

Check out the FOOD POSTS here on Encourage Your Spouse!


Do you have any suggestions for me? Recipes you’ve tried (and that are easy to do) that your spouse loves?

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