We’re bombarded by messages in the media that are designed to create fear, uncertainty & doubt. (I know, because my marketing-minded husband constantly points out ads with this message!)

The next time you watch a television program and encounter the ads between the show, just ask yourself what the marketing firm wants you to be afraid of – and how they position their product as a way to alleviate your fear, uncertainty or doubt.


As Christians, we are NOT to fear.

I follow a lady on Facebook who created an uplifting “printable” listing all the places “Fear Not” is listed in the Bible. (KJV)  Contrary to popular viewpoint, this statement isn’t listed 365 times…  To find out how many times it’s actually listed, check out her post at Musings of a Minister’s Wife.

Here’s the printable with a link to her Etsy space – she uses the sale of her creations for a non-profit Christian prison ministry, Theologos Ministries. I did purchase one  ’cause I appreciate the work and ministry.

OK.  Back on Topic…  What’s the opposite of fear?


So – you have 2 choices:  fear or faith.

The opposite of fear is faith.

Fear moves you to act on emotion.  Faith encourages trust in God’s timing.

Fear exaggerates issues.  Faith simplifies with God’s truth. 

Fear distracts with options.  Faith puts a focus on God’s will.

Fear breeds insecurity.  Faith builds courage.

Fear spotlights lack.  Faith sees God’s blessings.  Everywhere.

Fear hoards resources.  Faith compels generosity.

Fear disengages.  Faith engages and unites.

Fortify with faith. Spend some time and read through all the scriptures that list the “fear not” statement.  There are a lot of reasons to have faith. Go ahead. Put courage into your spouse.

Encourage your spouse.