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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

Zeal for Something Greater Than You

Zeal - excessive fervor; strong eagerness; and readiness.  It's kind of an old-fashioned (maybe even Biblical) word. Maybe today we'd refer to this Value word as "filled with passion". Consider the many men and women celebrated for accomplishing something great, for...

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Youthful Love in Life

Youthful love in life is all about action. Taking action and not waiting. We know couples married decades who have this youthful love and it’s inspiring. How can you nurture that kind of youthful love in your life?

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eXhilaration in Marriage

Exhilaration is the combination of fear and fun – doesn’t that describe marriage? Just make sure you use this 5-point buckling system and enjoy the ride.

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Warmhearted Like A Friend

This value isn’t about grand gestures – rather it’s demonstrated in small ways.Being warmhearted in marriage takes thought and effort – consistently. Here are some suggestions on how to be warmhearted…

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Teamwork – From Dream to Celebration

Teamwork makes the dream work! And this statement is especially true in marriage. As I write this post, Rob and I are driving toward Atlanta, Georgia - and we followed the steps you'll read later in this post to get there as a team - from dream to celebration....

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Playfulness Adds Fun to Life

The Value of Playfulness might renew your relationship, and add some spark, or even a touch of gentleness. Smile. Have fun working together. Here are some ideas on adding playfulness into your relationship.

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Optimism as a Theme in Marriage

Optimism - The concept of the word optimism is found in the Latin word “optimum” meaning best. Those who are optimistic expect the best possible outcome from a situation. It’s about looking forward. Optimism - a general disposition to expect the best in all things....

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Loyalty Instead of Commitment in Marriage

Loyalty is a word which seems to resonate with millenials... but not the word "commitment". At least that's been our experience as we speak with those who are 28 and younger - or those born after 1980 according to the Pew researchers. For some reason, when we replace...

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Kindness in Marriage

Kindness might be easier with strangers than it is with your spouse. What would it look like inside a marriage. Remember – love is kind!

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Joyfulness Shows Up

Joyfulness. I wonder if the vision you have when you hear those words, are of a guy in a suit and girl in a white dress, holding flowers...  Oh, the wedding day. What joy. I'm not sure most couples married a few decades would use the word "joyful" to describe their...

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I is For So Many Values – Including Integrity

Integrity. Inventiveness. Intimacy. Improvement. Initiative. How do I choose a Value for the letter "I"? There are many I want to highlight (of the 16 suitable) which have importance in marriage... So I'm going to "cheat". (I can do that - it's my rules and my...

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F is for Friend and Friendliness

Friend. Within our world of social media, we've watered down the word "friend"... It might even have the flavor of what used to be known as merely an acquaintance. So let's ask a few questions... Are you a friend to your spouse? Robert is my best friend. And, while...

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E is for Encouragement

Come on – you knew Encouragement would be the Values word for “E” in this “A to Z” challenge, didn’t you? Encouragement is made up of 5 things.

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Discovery – A Value That Opens Up Our Life

Discovery, as a Value word, is a powerhouse in our marriage - it's one of our own, three, differentiating values which we use when we're making decisions. (This post is part of the A to Z challenge.) (The other two are Loyalty and Optimism. You can learn how we use...

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Difficult Mother’s Day – These Flowers Are For You

Difficult Mother's Day? Soon we will be wishing women a “happy mother’s day” – In North America it’s the traditional 2nd Sunday in May to do this. For all those who celebrate, there are others who can't wait for the day to be over - it's a difficult mother's day. For...

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Do you admire your spouse?

Does your spouse admire you? And for what? This spouse can admire her husband because he doesn’t complain. The post also includes a link to a free resource.

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