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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

Vision First. Then Goals.

Vision first. Then goals. Many couples use the beginning of a calendar year, or an anniversary as a stopping point to reflect and create goals. But sometimes goals by themselves cause more strife than they're worth. How do you know if your goals are working for you?...

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Make Memories in 2018 – Don’t add to your stuff!

Make memories - don't add to your stuff. Living in 282 square feet for more than three years has taught Robert and me that we don't need as much stuff as we might believe we do...  but the memories we've made over the last years are priceless. I encourage you and your...

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Chai Tea Comfort Date for you and your spouse.

Chai Tea comfort date - it's a comforting drink for you and your spouse in autumn and winter. (It's comforting in spring and summer, too, of course!)   Have you ever tried STASH Chai tea? You'll see it in the grocery store... but only one or maybe two varieties of...

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How do you DO Encouragement?

What is encouragement and where do you find it? How do you DO encouragement? Encouragement is so much more than “rah-rah” or a pat on the back.  Consider the word that’s found inside “encouragement”. Courage. [Tweet "Encouragement is so much more than "rah-rah" or a...

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Ideas Lift Conversations

Ideas lift conversations – but where do you go to start those kinds of conversational highs? First learn about the 5 levels of conversation then…

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