Fall porch decorations don’t need to be elaborate. We’re in an RV and need to make things easy, simple and cheap – especially outdoors. I imagine some of you might relate?

Regardless where we live, we all want to smile when we come home, right? And if we’re inviting people to come visit us, then we’d like them to be welcomed by a bit of fun too… ( I’m thinking movie nights! Check out our post on planning a movie night for you and friends – it includes our suggestions on what to watch and eat!0

To inspire myself, I did a little research and found some ideas on Pinterest. The criteria? The ideas needed to be easy, simple and cheap but still have whimsy and fun. I want Rob to smile (and feel comfortable about the investment too. 😉  )

Easy, Simple and Cheap Fall Porch Decorations

Is it all about pumpkins?  When I went searching it was the pumpkins that popped out at me! Wood, metal, fabric and real ones… lots to try. Enjoy!


Maybe make it a date night – make and decorate together!

fall porch decorations to make your spouse smile

What do you usually do with your fall porch decorations?

I haven’t done anything for fall porch decorations in the last years since we’ve been in the RV – but I have this desire to begin. When we were in a brick-and-stick house I’d put out a few pumpkins and some flowers just to be friendly. 🙂  Maybe that’s why all the pumpkin decorations hit me? What’s your favorite item for fall? As I was searching I came across:

  • pillows on rocking chairs with a fall motif
  • all kinds of wreaths with every texture imaginable
  • leaves, leaves and more leaves – paper, plastic, real and fabric
  • dried corn in varying hues
  • farm implements: shovels, hay rakes, etc.
  • straw bales – large and small
  • baskets and bins
  • there were a lot of weathered metal items made into signs
  • corn stalks

What would you put out for your fall porch decorations? What would you never, ever use?

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(here’s one more decoration that I liked – it was unique)