How do you believe without these testifiers? 

Societies built around 1st-world mindsets function on proven theories, evidence of past performance, and collection of data-points which lead to a conclusion.

There’s every chance that anyone reading this post will belong to this kind of society.

How often do we function on faith alone?

As Christians, I’d suggest we believe we do – behave and react in faith.  But do we really?

How often do we search through the Word – with the excuse that we’re trying to understand – but really we’re gathering data to support a hypothesis? How often do we review past experiences of Biblical heroes,  historical men and women who followed God, and even those surrounding us who we perceive live in alignment with a faith-filled perspective, all with the desire to prove and test our own actions?

Is it possible to live by faith alone?

Is it possible to live by faith alone, with no comparisons, with no data, no external proof or evidence?

I don’t know.

What do you think?

Even in the scripture passage above – Hebrews 11 – the writer details the behavior of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Sarah, Rahab, and others. He used the historical figures as an example of  living by faith. He used those examples as evidence for those to whom he was writing. (which includes us, I guess)

The last lines of Hebrews 11 provides a clue:

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

~Hebrews 11:39,40

Have you received what you were promised? 

We have received eternal life through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. That’s a promise fulfilled.

However we still need to have faith without seeing. No one has gone into eternity and come back to prove that Christ’s sacrifice is valid. (except Christ)  Yet we believe. We are assured even though we don’t see – and we have confidence in Christ’s sacrifice because we have the hope to be with God.

Hope is about tomorrow. It’s the beginning before there’s a plan to act upon.

Faith is about today.

Faith is about how we behave today. Act. React. Interact.

Are we acting/reacting/interacting in a way which demonstrates we believe God?

… believing without seeing.

… believing without experiencing – personally – the tangible effect of a promise fulfilled.

Because – 

With God all things are possible.

Do you gather and demonstrate strength  – acting on your belief – that with God all things are possible?

That’s faith. In action.

What happens when you have faith? You can:

  • conquer kingdoms (even your own households)
  • administer justice (apply Godly wisdom)
  • shut the mouths of lions (or lion-like attitudes)
  • quench the fury of flames (things that seek to destroy)
  • escape the edge of the sword (when it looks like you’re going to be cut down)
  • have weakness turned to strength (even when you are nothing)
  • become powerful in battle (because it’s not you who fights)
  • route foreign armies (attacking in the unseen spiritual world )
  • receive back your dead – raised to life again

The examples are all there in Hebrews 11.

Of course there are examples of those who were also physically and mentally persecuted because of their faith – their behavior of believing without seeing…

Encourage your husband or wife.

with your faith.

Encourage your spouse with your ability to act/react/interact with the confidence in what you hope for, and the assurance of what you can’t see.


Because God has something planned that’s better.

How’s your faith?

Maybe you need to gather strength from reading the Word. Or contemplating the lives of those who have lived what we perceive as faith-filled lives.

Or maybe your faith can be strengthened merely through acting/reacting/interacting through a pure, unfiltered belief without seeing.


Through your faith in God, you will encourage your spouse.


Because strength – fortification – happens when we live with someone who act/reacts/interacts with a confidence in what they hope for, and an assurance in what is not seen – just believed.

Have courage. Fortify with Faith.



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