What role does hope play in your marriage? Do you talk about the future with your wife or husband? 

Some couples have many decades logged in their marriage journey – and they’re planning and hoping for more. Others may be at the beginning of their marriages, and their struggles and triumphs are spread out in front of them, yet to be experienced.

Where are you?

In those beginning years?

A decade or two?

Five or more decades of marriage?

At whatever stage – let your hope expand!

You know, encouragement for the future is more than words – but sometimes words are where hopeful encouragement starts…  Let hope for a strong future expand – as a husband and wife together… 

Where to begin? Just talk about your future together in an optimistic way. Say to your spouse, 

Expand Hope for a strong marriage in your future

“We have a good future together.”

Say it. Out loud.

I dare you…

Say, “We have a good future together.”

Because you do – You do have a good future together as husband and wife.

hope for the futureWhat will it look like?

I don’t know what your future (or mine) looks like – only God does…  But He didn’t put the two of you together to be miserable.

Yes, the circumstances in your life together might not be going the way you envisioned. You might not be getting what you expected.  Sure. It’s devastating to be struggling with health challenges, or financial crisis, or emotional tornadoes. I get it. These hurdles hit us all – at the beginning of our marriages, all through the middles and even after multiple decades of marriage.

We live in a sin-filled world and that decaying, oozing, society scrapes past our beautiful marriages with wrenching regularity. Sometimes it takes the gorgeous shiny paint off of the outside of our marriage relationship, leaving dents and gouges. Sometimes sin corrodes our marriage hulls and penetrates to mangle what is good, till we forget what it first looked like when our life together was fine and newly made.

But there’s still reason to hope for a good future.

There is. Really.

 —–  Why?

Here’s the Big Picture:

God loves you.

He loves your spouse, too.

And He can make all things new. 

I know God loves all of us… with a love like there has never been before, nor ever will be again…

But God demonstrates his own love for us

The Practical

29 reminiscing and reflecting questions title pageBegin talking about the future by reminiscing about the past.

Ask some questions – if you can’t think of what to ask, then try our short ebook,
29 Reminiscing and Reflecting Questions for Husbands and Wives. 

Reflective thinking turns experience into insight

Throughout the reminiscing and reflecting notice 3 things:

  1. What has God done in your life that was for your good?
  2. Who have you surrounded yourself with when things were going well?
  3. What have you learned?

 Hope comes from focusing on the positive. And we all have something positive in our lives. 

I’m enjoying these praise & worship pieces…

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Inspire with HOPE!

Encourage your spouse by how you look at the future! 

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