Did you know there are over 100 synonyms for the word “Encourage“?

When I first became interested in how spouses encourage each other, I decided to do a search for all the words related to encouragement.

One of the synonyms of encourage is INVITE.


An invitation.

To ask in a friendly way – politely – to make a request – to welcome – to tempt.

When we first met our spouse, we may have accepted an invitation for a date, or a group gathering. Do you remember your first date with your spouse? Were there flutters – tingles – zings of attraction?

I imagine there wasn’t a feeling of obligation or duty when you first went out with your spouse… I can guess that you went on this first date with an open expectation for fun, even if it was suggested by parents or friends.

What do you feel when you receive an invitation from your spouse today?

An invitation could be simply to spend time together talking, or it could be arranging time to plan for your future, or it could be the opportunity to share some intimacy.

Is there hesitation to accept an invitation?

Are you even noticing when you’re being invited?

If an invitation is given and refused – many times – the one who is inviting may hesitate.  Have you noticed your spouse is no longer giving invitations?  Perhaps there’s been too many refusals… It hurts to be turned down.

It takes courage to invite, to make a request, to welcome an advance, and to tempt…

How does it feel when you invite – make an invitation?

Perhaps it’s your invitations that are being ignored. Remember, there’s no obligation to accept an invitation – there is always a chance we’ll be turned down – or away – or refused, discouraged, postponed and avoided.

How many chances do you give your spouse to accept your welcoming, friendly request – that temptation you’re providing? One chance? Two opportunities? Ten – or more?

One thing to remember…

We’ve all been given an invitation from the Bridegroom of our soul – Jesus. How many invitations from Him did it take for us to respond? And perhaps we’ve slipped and continued to ignore His call many times.  Yet He still keeps giving an invitation. It’s an open invitation – to all. Always.

Should we do any less than what has been provided for us by Christ?

Being given an invitation is an honor – never lose sight of this fact.  Accepting an invitation provides joy to the giver – don’t forget that feeling – and there’s always a benefit for the one who accepts the invitation.

Is it time to reach out and welcome with a friendly request – or accept an invitation?  Give it some thought.

Let’s open our hearts – to provide & accept a few more invitations.

Welcome your spouse – tempt your spouse.

Make a request for your husband or wife’s time and attention – be tempting…

Have courage.  Encourage your spouse with an invitation. 

What can you INVITE your spouse to do with you today?

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