Encouraging words for your anniversary… Is it always easy to find those encouraging words? Some years you may have many wonderful words to share with your spouse. However, there may be other years when you need a little help. (This is true for Rob and me too!)

Encouraging words for your anniversary!

Some encouraging words for your anniversary… or anytime!  What dates do you and your husband or wife celebrate or commemorate? Are there other significant dates you could being celebrating? 😉  Maybe some encouraging words on those days would be good also!.

Over the next 10 days, I’ll be sharing 10 ideas on what you could say (and do) for these significant dates and the days that follow.

#1 –  “I promise to love you more every day.”

Our marriage is about more than the days and years. It’s about how much more we love each other every day.

Love each other more - encouraging words for your anniversary or anytime

As the days and years go by, we could start to take our love for each other for granted.

What if this year you loved your spouse more every day?

How could you do that? In what ways – every day – could you demonstrate your love is growing? What could you begin doing? Or stop doing?

  • start and end every day praying with each other – for each other
  • stop criticizing and complaining, rather, learn to encourage with hope, faith, love, prayer, and action
  • start kissing each other… often!  How often do you kiss your husband or wife every day? Make it MORE!
  • stop looking at your phone, TV, or computer when your spouse is talking to you – give her/him your full attention when you’re talking!
  • start having a date every week!  It doesn’t need to be expensive or be hours and hours! A date could be as simple as walking to the closest convenience store and buying each other a favorite chocolate bar! (You do know your spouse’s favorite treat, right?)

Do you know your spouse’s love language? Could you “speak it” more often so your spouse feels loved?

Go HERE to determine your own love language, and have your spouse do the same. It only takes a few moments and it’s free! Even if you’ve done it before, it’s valuable to do it again. Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts is a book Rob and I recommend as the first concept for every couple to use no matter where they are in their relationship journey.

When is your anniversary?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from your spouse?

Maybe it was something physical… maybe it wasn’t!  Did it correspond to your love language?

Rob left sticky notes with words of affirmation around our little house-on-wheels… that was a wonderful gift for me!

encouraging words for your anniversary or anytime - words of affirmation Rob left for me