Sometimes life *sucks.

How can you encourage your spouse through those horrific, and life-altering experiences – when you just want to join in crying?

Here’s an example of a man who did encourage his spouse – regardless.

He provided Encouragement in Action!

Bob’s wife, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Linda says, “My focus is on real life – and moving forward in life.

And he helps me do that.”

What’s Bob doing?

Since 2003, when Linda was first diagnosed with breast cancer,

he’s been taking photos of himself… in a pink tutu.

Photos that’ll make his wife laugh.

And his mission grew from taking a few photos just for his wife, to her sharing those photos with other women as they received their treatment.

Then it grew to become even more:

  • a calendar
  • and book, “Ballerina”
  • cards
  • prints
  • a pink tutu just for you
  • and more!

Now Bob’s encouragement for his wife, is encouraging so many, many more lives.

To raise awareness and money for breast cancer, you can donate and download photos for your social media accounts… Like this one:

Tutu Project DonateDownload-Twitter-Plane-TheTutuProject-5-3

 Check out the Tutu Project

Here’s the link:

Want to Dare2Tutu with Ballerina Bob? 


It’s the hashtag, and with the image of Ballerina Bob to include in your photos… 

dare 2 tutu


Now, the next time you believe life just is too heavy – too heartbreaking – too messed up…  think of Bob. In his pink tutu. And his mission to make his wife laugh.

It’s encouragement in action.

You can do it too!

Have courage.


Encourage your spouse.


Hope Faith Love Prayer Action

(*My Dad used to say that a lady would never use this word. I’m sorry, Dad. In the face of cancer, this is the only word which I could use.)

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