Appreciation – It’s all about “A” –  Values in Marriage – 27 days & 27 values to enrich your marriage.

Encourage your spouse with appreciation!

In the listing of 400+ values Robert has defined, there are 40 values beginning with the letter “A”.

To begin our 27 values in marriage in 27 days I’ve chosen the value “APPRECIATION” as our “A” word to encourage our spouse! (I’m doing an Instagram challenge – photos a-z in July – check out our Instagram account!)

The Value of Appreciation

Appreciation is

 An expression of gratitude; recognition of excellence; accurate perception.

5 Ways to Appreciate your Spouse

Here are 5 ways to express gratitude, recognize excellence and really see how amazing your spouse is:

Make a list of your spouse’s character qualities you admire. First we need to really see how amazing our spouse is… use the free resource found here on Gumroad if you have trouble making a list.

encourage your spouse with appreciation - what character qualities do you admire? - Make a list!

Compliment your spouse on one of those character qualities you admire about him/her. Learn more about complimenting your spouse in this post from the archive. It’s all about recognizing excellence!


Here’s a game to challenge yourself to recognize how much you appreciate your spouse. It’s called a “Penny for Your Thoughts” – learn how to play this game in this post.

penny for your thoughts a game to notice your spouses positive qualities

Send your spouse a Postagram to say “thank you” for something she/he has done. It’s a free app you can use on your smart phone. Take a photo of something your spouse does for you regularly (you’ve noticed those things by playing the above game). Use that photo and the Postagram app to send a post card in the mail to say “thank you”.

postagram encouragement your spouse with appreciation

Thank God for your spouse. We’re so good at asking for stuff… why not give Him thanks for creating this wonderful human being to be your spouse. Your spouse is wonderfully and fearfully made. Let your spouse hear you thank God for her/him.

tell God how much you appreciate your spouse
Encourage your spouse with appreciation - 5 ways to use the value of appreciation in your marriage

I’m putting these posts – “A to Z” Values – all under the FAMILY portion of this site. Why? Every one of these Values words will be a blessing to each spouse – but more than that… they’ll benefit your whole family!

Imagine if you appreciate your spouse – what kind of impact will that have on your family? On your children? I’m guessing that your children and family will only benefit as they watch the two of you appreciating each other for the unique people God made you to be.

This is an Instagram challenge for July 2016 – A to Z and a few numbers… check out our Instagram account!

The posts in this series can be found on the PAGE – 27 Values to Enrich your Marriage 

27 Values to Enrich your Marriage - 27 values for your marriage


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