Encourage and motivate your husband or wife?  Sometimes words (alone) won’t motivate or encourage, but they are a place to begin…

21 things to say to encourage and motivate your spouse…

Below are 21 ideas for you to say or text or write in a note to encourage your spouse. Play around with the ideas – make them your own!  

But then what? What can you do after you use these phrases to encourage and motivate? Here are three things to do that will add some real emphasis to your words:

  1. God started something good in us - let's grow together - encourage and motivate your spouseInspire with HOPE – convey these phrases with a belief of hope for the future. Provide concrete ideas on how this hope can come alive.
  2. Lift up your spouse with PRAYER – your faith in God and all He can and will do can be backed up with prayer. Pray aloud, pray with your husband or wife, ask others to pray. Be a warrior. Need help learning to pray? Take a look at these ideas.
  3. Support with ACTION – this is where your words make the greatest impact. What can you do to demonstrate what you’re saying is true? Remember – you and your husband/wife are a team. What are you doing to hold up your end of the teamwork? Be a “Dream Team” –read this to learn how!

Your ability to encourage and motivate is like any other skill. It takes practice. Each spouse is unique – every time-period is different. You know what makes all the difference?  NEVER giving up! 

(Want to tell your spouse how amazing he/she is but need some help being specific? Click here for a free resource to download!)

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