Encourage. But how? Encouragement doesn’t have to be about words… but sometimes it starts with words. One of my favorite groups of words has everything to do with Encouragement.  There are over a 100 words that mill about the word “encourage” and add to its impact.  I must confess, I do have favorites in this 100+ grouping – I’m completely biased over a few…

encourage - more than 100 words are a part of encouragement


Dictionary.com defines encourage as:

To inspire with courage, spirit or confidence.

To stimulate by assistance or approval.

To promote, advance or foster.

Sounds good, right?

Now, I want you to spend a few moments imagining:

Imagine if you felt courageous & filled with confidence…

Imagine if you were given all the assistance possible…

Imagine if you stood on a foundation of approval*…

Imagine if what you valued was fostered, advanced & promoted…

Encouragement can change people, relationships, and the world around you.

I believe God wants us to feel encouraged.  His Word is there to begin and foster the process. His Love covers everything – what could be more encouraging than to know that our sins – all those ways in which we mess up – are wiped away by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.

I believe husbands and wives who feel encouraged by their spouse can make a huge impact – on each other, on their children and families, and on the world around them.

Encouragement can change people, relationships and the world around you. Encourage.

It starts with one person… encouraging one person.

husband to wife – wife to husband

Here are 5 ways to encourage your spouse:

Inspire your love with HOPE. Hope grows from optimism.  Hope grows while looking forward and knowing the future has possibility – not because of an individual’s strength, but because the God of Hope (Romans 15:13) has all things in His hand.

Fortify your spouse with FAITH. This is about you – and your relationship with God and His Son Jesus.  If you have a strong faith, a growing, living faith, it will have an impact on your spouse.  It’s about living your faith – not just talking.  Think about 2Corinthians 3:3…

Foster your spouse with LOVE. Shower love over your spouse with no conditions.  Wrap your husband/wife up into a covering woven from 1Corinthians 13:4-8.  Warm your spouse, cover your spouse, give to your spouse – with love.

Uplift your love with Prayer. Prayer is an action with consequences.  You can’t do everything for your spouse – only God can accomplish the impossible.  If your love knows that you’re lifting them up in prayer, and hears your words, what a confidence they can feel.  Not in you – but in the God who can accomplish anything.  Are you interceding for your spouse?

Support your spouse with Action. Sometimes the best encouragement is done by being there and adding your energy into a project.  Being a husband or wife and standing beside your spouse in an endeavor is a great gift.  It honors your spouse.

101 Phrases to EncourageHave Courage – Encourage!

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*when I use the word approval, I’m referring to feeling validated and accepted exactly as God created you to be – wonderfully made.