It doesn’t matter the circumstances of life – celebrating with your spouse builds a healthy marriage.  Birthdays are an ideal excuse to celebrate that special person God created just for us.

August 27th is my birthday.

September 7th is Robert’s birthday.

There are 11 days between.

So this year Robert and I are going to celebrate the days between our birthdays

with a dare…

12 dates in 12 days!

The idea first came from this post by Fawn Weaver at the Happy Wives Club!

As people who blog about marriage, we are great at giving ideas, so I thought it might be fun to take up one of these dating dares and follow through.  Now – if it were just me, I’d start with good intentions, but after a few days “life” would take over. I’d get side-tracked. Knowing my own tendency, I recruited Robert. He is persistence personified!

He read Fawn’s post. We sat together and planned out our 12 dates – and modified the dating ideas to fit our personality. One modification is that we’re going to stretch out our “Become a Connoisseur” date over the next 12 days.

To be candid, it was a little difficult to decide what we wanted to become a connoisseur over – it had to be inexpensive, and something we liked to eat for 12 days…  One idea was sushi. However, as much as we like sushi we decided we couldn’t handle 12 days of raw fish. Another idea was salsa, but our palates aren’t honed enough to truly appreciate the nuances.

What did we settle upon, you ask?

(to learn what we chose –  sing this to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”)

On the first day

between birthdays

my true love gave to me…


celebrate - our tour of soup dates


We are a boring couple…

We have chosen to become connoisseurs of soup.

celebrate - even if you are a boring couple


If you and your spouse became connoisseurs –

what would you choose?


ps- We went to Red Lobster and had their Clam Chowder (7/10) and the Lobster Bisque (9/10)! We both liked the Lobster Bisque the best because it had just a hint of a kick with every spoonful. As usual the cheddar biscuits were astounding and addictive. We ate w-a-y too many!

Thanks to Laura, our server!

 Our 2nd date is a “home improvement” date!

And we’re trying some place new in Raleigh for our next soup adventure…

If you’re interested in the 12DateDare that spawned our celebrations read it HERE.

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