Sometimes we have goals in life. Big and small. Other times we have dreams which may not be realized, however just pondering the possibility provides a thrill. At times we make a point to go after our goals – to cross them off the list. How about you and your spouse? Does your Bucket List thrill you?

What’s on your Bucket List?

  • climb a mountain
  • play in a band
  • travel to Europe
  • learn to change your car’s flat tire
  • serve on a mission trip
  • open a Bed & Breakfast
  • dance on a stage
  • build a house
  • bike from the mountains to the sea
  • swim the English Channel
  • go into space

Robert and my 4th date on our 12 dates in 12 days was from my Bucket List.

When Robert and I were discussing our Bucket Lists we realized we share a number of items, but his list has many more huge items that will mean major accomplishment. I’m more likely to put things on my list which can happen with just a bit of effort.  It was an interesting comparison.

Experience a Piano Bar

One of my completely irrelevant and just for fun Bucket List items was to go to a bar before I hit the half century mark. Not that drinking is a priority – I just wanted to break out of my sheltered existence a bit. 😉

To cross this off my list, our 3 grown kids – daughter, daughter-in-love & son – arranged an evening to celebrate my 49th birthday. My daughter bought me a shot, and then everyone laughed as she had to demonstrate how to drink it. Our evening at a Dueling Piano Bar with friends was so much fun!

It was a very l-o-u-d evening…  And a treat to watch all the people laugh, dance and sing along with the talented musicians.  (One of my favorite things to do is ‘people watch’ – there was a lot to see!)  Of course, they sang the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.  Their repertoire covered everything from Big & Rich, to Pink Floyd, The Cars and Led Zeppelin. Rob commented that they were playing songs he remembered from his teenage years!

As a Bucket List experience, the Dueling Piano Bar was a success.

Have you talked with your spouse about a your Bucket Lists?

What’s one thing on your Bucket List that you can cross off before your next birthday?

On the 4th day between our birthdays…

to continue our 12 day adventure to become connoisseurs

my true love gave to me…


Yes. Kinda an odd thing to choose to become connoisseurs over.   This 4th date started our search for a good French Onion Soup.

This cafe had a very sad example of French Onion Soup. Mushy, gelatinous bread, a few spoonfuls of some kind of dark broth and a glop of onion pieces covered by a thin piece of provolone was the extent of my soup. Sad. So sad. 🙁  On a better note, Rob said his broccoli and cheese soup was good.

(If you’re ever in Raleigh, NC  just email me, and I”ll let you know where not to go for your soup.)

I ate what I could, and Robert finished his soup. I didn’t mention my disappointment at the quality of the soup to the person at the counter – I wonder if that’s our Canadian heritage? One observation after living in the United States for 13 years, is that US citizens are much more likely to state their disappointment.

Do you inform your server if what you order isn’t what you expected?

Who is more likely to speak up – you or your spouse – if the food at a restaurant is not good? Do you think expressing displeasure is a cultural thing, or merely a personal choice?

This experience of serial dating – day after day – is a fun endeavor. We have our planned list posted on the ‘fridge, and every day we need to find a new place for our soup. Our 5th date had us shopping… something we very rarely do together.  More tomorrow…

We decided to try this series of posts because of a dare at The Happy Wives Club. So often we marriage bloggers give out great ideas, and Robert and I thought we should walk the talk… to make the ideas real. We’re learning a lot about each other through these forays. (I’ll write our observations at the end of the 12 dates.)

Our first Date

2nd Date

3rd Date