How much do you know about steel? Steel is mostly made of iron with some amount of carbon, and different alloys to vary its use.  In June 2015, Robert and I visited Tannehill State Park, where a Civil War era Iron and Steel museum is located. Coincidentally, the park is also located at the “end” of the Appalachians.

Geographic End of the Appalachian Mountains

It was supposed to be an overnight stay, but we were enchanted by the park. Log cabins, artisans, and this museum were enhanced by a great spot for our fifth wheel (and reasonable price for overnight!) So we stayed almost a week.

Log Cabins Tannehill

While there, we both learned a lot more about iron and steel than we’d ever imagined…

Tannehill collage Iron and Steel Museum

Steel is the most common and widely used substance in the world – it’s used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, cars, machines, and appliances.

Steel has a downside. It rusts.

rusted steel needs a covering to protectRust corrodes.  Rust weakens. Rust prevails until the steel disintegrates.

What causes rust? Oxygen and moisture.

What protects against rust? No air.  No moisture.  But that kind of protection isn’t possible or practical in the real world.

However – steel can be protected through the process of galvanization. 

Covering to Protect with a Generous Barrier

Galvanization is the covering of steel (iron) by another compound – zinc.  The zinc bonds to the iron and protects the steel from moisture and oxygen (and rust).  It also changes the steel  – it makes it more resistant to rust.

That’s the process called galvanization.

If oxygen and moisture affect the steel, it’s the zinc that is sacrificed. The zinc wears away – not the steel.

It’s just like that in marriage. If we cover our spouse with encouragement, it’ll protect us from the rust in marriage!

Cover your spouse with a generous barrier of encouragement.

Just as zinc over steel, you can cover and protect your spouse with a barrier of encouragement.


Life can be brutal – the constant emotional and physical assaults may cause your spouse to weaken. They become pitted and riddled with the rust of adversity.

Now, imagine your encouragement – through prayer, with love, and by your faith in God – creating a protective barrier.

  • love adheres to repel nastiness
  • prayers layer Godly protection from evil corrosion
  • faith builds strength

That protective barrier of encouragement might wear away, but your spouse – the steel – will remain intact.

And the genuinely amazing part of galvanizing your spouse with encouragement, is that your love, your prayer, and your faith is a renewable resource.

There is always an encouragement ‘bath’ available to re-coat your spouse.

Want a shiny & strong spouse?

Cover your love with Encouragement centered

Keep away marriage rust with encouragement!

How can we cover our spouse with love – without prerequisites or conditions – this week? How can we pray more (or more effectively) in this new week?

Cover your love with Encouragement pin