If I’m candid, I must admit that cooking is not on the top 10 list of things I like to do – so Robert loves it when we have company over for a meal.


We eat things we don’t normally eat –

  • the fancy stuff
  • the yummy, decadent desserts
  • the nibbles and goodies of hors d’oeuvres

Sometimes I make special foods when it’s just Robert and me. I’ll choose the dishes that he loves like Chicken Divan and Lemon Souffle Pudding – recipes his mom makes and he’s loved since childhood. Those are easy and let him know I think he’s special. It’s my way of encouraging using food.

Fortunately, Robert isn’t picky. As much as he enjoys the fancy stuff, he gets excited over cheese and crackers, a hot dog, or Kraft Mac & Cheese.  (yes, really)

Cooking can either be a chore that has to happen – or it can become a celebration of relationships.

Right now, with all 5 of us living in the house, we’re trying something new. (Alex and Alisane are buying a house – so they needed to move out of their apartment before the house was ready.)  What’s new? On Thursday nights Sarah, Alex and Alisane take turns cooking for all of us!

We have a friend who is a chef, and  last Thursday Alex and Alisane made Chicken Milanese from her cookbook!  It was quick to make – and now has become a new family favorite!

It was such a great experience that I wrote a blog post for her site, “Cooking with Elise” about the experience.  Click here to check it out!

It’s such a lovely feeling when those you love cook for you.

What recipes do you “go to” to make your spouse feel special?

Does your spouse cook for you?

Thanksgiving is coming in a bit more than a week – will you make something special for your spouse that reminds him or her of their childhood celebrations?

Leave a comment on the blog post I did for Elise – and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free signed copy of Elise’s new cookbook“You Never Cook Alone” – she has lots of yummy recipes that could easily become your new family favorites!