Smile. Just give it a try… Sometimes we forget

a smile from someone we love

can be the best encouragement!

It’s not rocket-science,

it’s not a huge sacrifice,

it costs nothing,

it’s not about an attractive face or perfect teeth or the right light in the room –

It’s a smile.

A smile with warmth,

and invitation

and hope

and approval.

It’s just a smile – but it can be the best encouragement for EVERYONE!

A smile can be the best encouragement - encourage your spouse.

Give it a try!

A Genuine Smile is…

There’s an anatomical difference in a genuine smile:

  1. the zygomatic major muscle  – which raises the corners of the mouth
  2. and theorbicularis oculi muscle – which raises the cheeks and forms crow’s feet around the eyes

are engaged. Humans perceive this as a genuine smile.

This research, begun by Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne  in the mid 1800’s, is still being tested and expanded. 

Researchers Dacher Keltner and LeeAnne Harker from the University of California, Berkeley analyzed the smiles in 141 photos from the 1960 Mills College yearbook. They divided the photos by Duchenne smiles, Say Cheese smiles, and the non-smilers.

The researchers followed up with these women at age 27, 43, and 52 and asked them questions about their life satisfaction and status of their marriage. They found that the Duchenne smile predicted positive outcomes in marriage and well-being up to 30 years later.

~ from Psychology Today

 Try spending this week smiling at your spouse –

see if they wonder (and ask) what you’re up to…  😉

A smile can be the best encouragement - give your spouse a smile.

But I can’t smile…

What’s stopping you from showing your spouse this beautiful expression of approval?

Maybe you’re under a lot of stress and your thoughts are filled with worry and concern. Then pray. Prayer will help ease those concerns – and you’re asking the One who can impact and change circumstances. Need some help in learning to pray – pray together? Read this.  Or if you need reminders to remember to pray – read this.

Are you focusing on all the things you don’t have? Maybe a journey in gratitude and thankfulness would be a good thing to try.

Find your joy – together. Learn to laugh together by doing one small, uncomplicated, free thing every day. Click here to learn more about #93toJOY


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