It’s a challenge: try something new – it’ll make you a “keeper”!

Everyday Robert and I are seeing couples enjoying life. They’re no longer raising their children, and most are not working full time anymore, (or they could be on holidays) but they are exploring new experiences.


When I chat with these couples about their relationships, after a little while they’ll chuckle, and nod, then say,

“Yup. He’s a keeper!”

Or “She’s a keeper!”  

They’re referring to the fact that they want to keep on enjoying life… together.

Most of these couples are trying new things. They’re playing euchre with other couples for the first time. Or they’ve bought a tandem motorcycle (two or three-wheeler) and are doing a drive with other motor-cycle couples or they’re volunteering in soup-kitchens. Some have gathered a “band” together to play the songs from their teenage years, and so many other activities.

on a three wheeler

The key?

They’re doing these new activities together.

And before you wonder, not all things are perfect in these couples’ lives. Sometimes they’re battling health challenges. Sometimes they’re grieving over their adult children, sometimes they’re really scrimping to make ends-meet. Not all things are going well…  Yet.  They’re still moving forward to try new things – to explore and challenge themselves.

Here’s your challenge: find something new to do with your spouse this weekend!

Then, when you get to the point of life that these couples are experiencing, you too will refer to your spouse as he/she’s “a keeper”!

It’s within your ability. Really. 

It doesn’t take any money to

  • play a new game with another couple
  • volunteer your time to a good cause
  • bake cookies together and deliver them to another couple
  • check out your city guide to see what free events are happening
  • take someone else’s dog for a walk
  • play frisbee
  • take a road-trip just for the day
  • watch a YouTube video to learn how to juggle, or try some magic tricks
  • take your camera or smart phones and do a digital photo “hunt” (articles from A-Z)
  • learn some origami to impress your next dinner guests
  • visit a musical instrument store and try out some unfamiliar instruments
  • go to church on Sunday – or a worship service on Saturday/Sunday night
  • go geo-caching

What new thing are you going to do with your spouse this weekend?

Got anything to add to the list?  Leave a comment!