Marriage is alive and well. The media may indicate otherwise, but I can challenge them.

Imagine a room filled with people:

  • 19 couples married more than 25 years,
  • 5 couples married over 30 years
  • 2 couples married more than 50 years
  • and one couple married 60+ years

Robert and I were in that room last weekend for a  25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Now – were all those couples free from struggles? Nope. Had all those marriages been a smooth ride? Doubtfully.  Were there spouses in that room that had been annoyed with each other that day? Probably.

What remained as a truth was the celebration of years of dedication.

We were there to celebrate with one couple, but because that couple took the time to notice their guests, and outlined the above facts, we all could celebrate each other’s successes.

It felt good to clap and whoop and holler at the perseverance & tenacity – joys & excitements – of marriages.

Do you take the time to celebrate your success as a husband & wife?

Yes, I know… things aren’t perfect.

But all of us can count up the years – the days – we have been married. There have been good years – great days – awesome experiences. As husbands and wives we have been blessed in ways we sometimes ignore. We’ve encouraged each other, prayed for each other, supported and inspired each other.

Go ahead and


Leave a comment  with how many days you’ve been married.  

We can clap, and whoop and holler for each other!

Come on…

I’ll start –

Robert and Lori have been married 10,351 days!

(For an easy way to calculate how many days you & your spouse have been married, go HERE.)