Celebrate mistakes in mid-marriage, because if you’re making mistakes, you’re growing. 

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Challenge Yourself to Celebrate Mistakes

Let yesterday’s mistakes go.  Make new ones today. 

In the middle of marriage, there’s every guarantee you’ve made mistakes. And you’ll be making more. Decide to let yesterday’s mistakes go. Treasure mistakes as fertilizer to grow.

In the middle of marriage…

You’re busy living – and that means there will be lots of mistakes made!

We have almost 33 years worth of mistakes to add up. But that’s OK – because it makes the blooper reel of our life extra humorous. Most of our flubbs, and muddles, and miscalculations are fodder for laughter.

When you and your spouse want to celebrate mistakes, step back from the bungle (once you’ve processed any pain) and try to see the lighter side of the issue.

Most times, when you seek to celebrate mistakes, you can view them as the inconveniences they are, and move on. However, it’s imperitive to remember these two parts of celebrating mistakes in the middle of marriage…

Two parts about mistakes to remember:

1 – Don’t blame your spouse for the mistakes… just move on.

2 – And, if you need to use those “oops” moments as a reference, then be respectful.

celebrate mistakes - you're much more than the mistakes you've made

Don’t allow your mistakes to become your identity as a couple.

It’s not possible to solve every mistake. Some will need to be processed, and accepted. Some mistakes hurt – hurt terribly. But you can’t go back to un-make them. In every case –  even these challenging ones –  it’s important to learn how to apologize so your spouse feels your sincerity.

Learn how to apologize to your spouse, so your husband or wife can understand that you are truly sorry.  We’ll be writing a review of a favorite book on this topic – “When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love” –  to provide some insight into this topic.

Dwelling on the oversights, ommissions, blotches, and errors won’t make them any easier to solve. Wallowing in the mistakes won’t un-make them. You have a choice!

Put all your energy into making things better.

focus on where you want to go - that's how to to celebrate your mistakes

Your challenge this week to celebrate mistakes:

Mistakes happen – and if you haven’t found it easy to move on, then we challenge you to remind yourself that mistakes are just fertilizer…  How?  We’ve created a PDF with some visuals/images (like those above) and a list of 29 quotes about mistakes.

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celebrate mistakes - quotes and image quotes for you

Celebrate Mistakes - pdf with images and 29 quotes about making mistakes in marriage

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