To be meshed.
To be interlocked.
To be embedded, built into or attached to another part.
It isn’t just a time period preceding marriage.


Do you still use a wrist watch?  Most of us don’t even own a watch because our smart-phone has become our source of information – even for the time.

But you must remember regular, old-fashioned clock-work mechanisms found either in old wrist watches, or clocks? They are a complex series of gears. The power is stored in the mainspring by winding it up, and with the use of wheels, the gears are linked by friction or gear teeth.

Three things are needed for this kind of clock-work:

  • the mainspring must be wound to create energy
  • the power of the mainspring turns the clockwork’s gears, until the stored energy is used up
  • the gears, or wheels need to be engaged for the clock to work

Being Engaged with Your Spouse

We celebrate when a couple decides to become engaged. They’ve committed to intertwine their lives and become one with each other.  To be meshed. To be interlocked. To be embedded, built into and attached to each other.

Physically they remain two people – two bodies. But in a Godly, spiritual sense they are looking forward to becoming “one flesh”.

I’d like to suggest that our time of engagement should continue into marriage…


Two people – husband and wife – working together like clock-work. They’re separate and yet enmeshed – their ability to move and work together becomes a blessing for others. Their source of energy to continue working together comes from God – the One who “winds them up”.

Becoming Engaged & Filled with Energy

Are you and your spouse enmeshed with your gears touching – are you wound up and filled with energy to keep moving?  Perhaps it’s time to seek the source of all power and become filled with energy again?


If there is a disparity

between your inner world

and your outer world

– your world will collapse.

~ Christine Caine

We can’t see the gears and wheels inside a clock or watch. They’re covered up. We can see and experience if that watch is working or not. The outer experience reflects the inner workings.

If you and your spouse need to become engaged again, to become filled or wound with energy – begin inside. Not the body – but the soul. Check yourself into the clock-maker’s workshop for a tune-up.

In Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges’ book, Lead Like Jesus, the authors suggest four areas be addressed. One of the areas is Habits.

Jesus stayed on track with His mission by applying five key habits that countered the negative forces in His life:

  1. Solitude
  2. Prayer
  3. Study and application of Scripture
  4. Accepting and Responding to God’s unconditional love
  5. Involvement in supportive relationships

~ from the chapter “The Habits of a Servant Leader” in Lead Like Jesus

How are you and your spouse doing with these habits?

Are you setting aside time to be alone – and to be alone together?  Are you praying together – studying and applying scripture to your life? Do you know and feel that God is for you – that He loves you? Are you surrounding yourself with other supportive couples?

Fortify your life together with Faith

Perhaps your spouse isn’t ready to do this with you – yet. There’s nothing stopping you from beginning the process and allowing God to work in His time…

Have you and your spouse remained engaged?


What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and share…

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