Be thankful. Demonstrate gratitude. That’s how to get out of the rut of mid-marriage blahs.

 Being thankful is one way to realize there’s “more” in marriage than you thought.

Be thankful – thankfulness makes everything new!

We encourage you and your spouse to start a habit of thankfulness – perhaps at every mealtime, you can each think of one person or thing you’ve been thankful for in that day. Do that for at least 2 weeks and see what a change of view it can cause!

Then… take action together and write a note or text that person who has brought that feeling of thankfulness to you.  

  • thank the attentive cashier as you check out your groceries
  • send a Facebook “thank you” to a long-distance friend who brightens your day with their memes
  • PRAY for those you’re thankful for – ask God to bless them
  • smile and thank the person sweeping or mopping or collecting trash where ever you are
  • give your children a huge hug and be thankful that they are yours!
  • tweet a favorite writer whose prose makes a difference in your life
  • text your minister and thank him/her for having a servant’s heart
  • write a note and send it to your parents – no special occasion – just be thankful
  • send an email to a teacher, a co-worker, a client, your local governmental representative, another couple friend, your siblings, the person who cuts your grass, the business owner who you value…

Maybe make a list?

You probably know that Robert and I are doing the #93toJOY challenge…  one of the days has a prompt to write out 100 things/people for which you’re thankful!  (it’s not as hard as you’d think!)

When we did the prompt our first 50+ were all people!

be thankful - #93toJOY

Have you ever made a list of all the items you’re thankful for? Try it tonight!  You’ll end up feeling really good about your life together. And then take action to write a few notes, or send emails or texts or shout out on Facebook or Instagram to those people on your list. Rob and I are going to be taking those names on our list and reaching out this weekend!

Join us on the #93toJOY journey!

#93toJOY is for when life isn’t as easy, isn’t as fun, and you’re not feeling connected with your spouse in the way you’d like. Learn more HERE.  We put photos on our Instagram account ( with the hashtag #93toJOY – take a look!

Be thankful! Leave a comment on what you’re thankful for today!

be thankful and share your gratitude - make a list