Being connected. That would be good, right? What happens when you’re feeling a connection to your spouse? Lots of benefits:

A close connection with your spouse

will make encouraging him or her much easier…

feel connected and go the extra mile

You’ll go the extra mile when with a close connection to your spouse. You’ll add extra energy, and want to make things easier, no matter what the situation.

feel connected and be energized

When you’re feeling connected to your spouse, you’ll be energized by being together. Two are more than one, aren’t they?

feel connected and work together to bless others

When you and your spouse are feeling a good connection, you’ll work together – your effectiveness and outcomes will bless everyone around you. Being a blessing is a wonderful outcome, and it leaves a valuable legacy.

feel connected and be positive

With a feeling of connection it’ll be easier to be positive with one another. You’ll speak with cheerfulness. You’ll be optimistic. Even if it’s not a natural part of your personality, being positive will come easier if you feel you have a connection with your spouse.

Feel connected and share what is on your heart

Connect with your spouse today!

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How can you make sure those values you live – together as husband and wife– are consistent, cohesive, and have a lasting impact?

Values help you prioritize - decide when and what to do in a situation, and then remain consistent in all your decisions.

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