Anniversary words to encourage.

When you two met each other, only God knew what your spouse would mean to you. Take a moment to focus on how thankful you are for each other!

Married life is hard. Not every year of our married life is champagne and roses. Am I right? Only God knew what would happen in your life when you first met your spouse. Didn’t He build in many, many blessings, despite all the difficulties? Those difficulties caused you to grow together.

Your first blessing was a relationship with Him – and then with your spouse – and then…

How many years have you been married?

For however many years you’ve been married, make a list with as many items you’re thankful for.  Married 10 years? Name 10 things you’re thankful for… married 18 years, then 18 items… you get the idea, right? And if you’ve been married one or two or three years… well, then be creative!

As an example, our “Thankful List” would have 33 items on it!  Our adult children would be on that list and our grandboy. Those we pray for every day would be on our list. We are rich in relationships and we’re so thankful for all those who God has put into our lives.

What would your list look like?

God brought the two of you together – count your blessings!  

Tell your spouse how thankful you are for her or him. Make that list of what you’re thankful for, and then share it. This is good for an anniversary or for anytime. Being thankful is another way you and your spouse can honor God.

always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:20 NIV

Thankful God Brought Us Together - Anniversary words to encourage you and your spouse

Anniversary words to Encourage:

This is the second of ten posts about encouraging your spouse on your anniversary. Or anytime!

Sometimes it’s easy to find the words you need to express how happy you are together and that’s great! But for others, at other times, it’s not easy to find those anniversary words to encourage. This is what these ten posts are meant to provide. Words and ideas that’ll spark something special to encourage each other.

The first post was about loving each other more, every day.Love each other more - encouraging words for your anniversary or anytimeWe know that encouragement is more than words.. but sometimes encouragement can start with words!