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Robert & Lori Ferguson

Hello – welcome to “Encourage Your Spouse”!

We’re Robert and Lori Ferguson. 

We’ve been on this marriage journey for more than 30 years –

and it’s been a great ride!


Who are we – a little about us:

We’re a husband and wife team, who write about marriage on “Encourage Your Spouse”. 

Lori began writing about encouragement in marriage in 2008, here on Encourage Your Spouse, and Robert wrote about values – including values in marriage – over on his website, FergusonValues. In the fall of 2014, we decided we would collaborate, and both of us would contribute here.

A quiet moment on our wedding day - 27 years ago!

A quiet moment on our wedding day – 30+ years ago!

We’ve been married for more than 30 years, and have 3 grown children. And a grandboy.

Our daughter, son and daughter-in-love are happily living their own lives, and we are learning how to be parents of adults. It’s an interesting time period. (As all the times have been interesting, from babies to toddlers, homeschooling, and college age.)

This new adventure as grandparents is blowing our minds… we can’t quite wrap our heads around the fact we’re old enough to be grandparents! But the boy is kinda cute. 😉

Why are we writing about marriage?

It stems from our larger purpose:

“Our purpose is to encourage husbands and wives to lead meaningful lives.”

Support: We want to support husbands and wives, because marriage can be hard. Our society doesn’t do much to make it easy for marriages to thrive. We also want to bring honor to the role of husband and wife.

Enrich: We seek to enrich marriages, so men and women can first imagine, and then plan for and take action to have a positive impact on everyone around them; kids, parents, siblings, communities and countries.

How do you encourage your spouse?

Encouragement is made up of 5 things:

  • hope – focusing on the future, the hope for a good future together
  • faith – a deep and solid faith in God and all He can and will do for you both
  • love – loving each other, with no prerequisites and no reservations
  • prayer – letting go of your worries in prayer and strengthening each other through prayer
  • action – putting your activities into the mix. Being a help.

 Values for Husbands & Wives

ad - Discover your differentiating values for couples - a guide and workbookHaving a shared set of values – unique to you and your spouse – is so important to a strong marriage. Values help make decisions – if you weigh what you do, or don’t do, according to your own shared values, your decision-making process is easy.

We wrote an eBook/Workbook, which includes an audio version if you prefer to listen, about Discovering Your Values as a Couple. (You can find more about it here.)  At the end of the book is our own manifesto on our shared values: Loyalty, Optimism & Discovery. The decision to travel with our truck and 5th wheel grew from the value of Discovery!

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 Our email is Robert.Lori@LeadershipCouples . com

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Hope Faith Love Prayer Action

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moving past procrastination to a great marriage

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