“Walking the talk” and continuing our Fun Dare – 12 Dates in 12 Days – we decided to salute Durham, North Carolina, our neighboring city.

We combined our  third date, a visit to a library, with a new restaurant.

Durham County Library

The original date idea suggested going to the library and looking for books which reminded you both of your school years.

We adjusted for our personality, and because both Robert and I are oriented to learning about history, we searched for books available for the personas about whom we’ve written – one was Abigail Adams.

The nice part of reading history books is that it usually doesn’t matter when the books were published. We found books with a published dated in the 1940’s and ones from the ’80’s and ’90’s.

Note: It usually doesn’t matter when books are published… unless you’re a school kid using your parents’ historical set of encyclopedias published before 1900 and the subject you’re researching is the moon. Yes – I did that as a kid. 🙂  My teacher didn’t buy my excuse that I couldn’t find anything on the moon landing in our encyclopedias… 

Once we’d toured the shelves looking at biographies, we went to the third floor of the Main Durham Library to find the  Dr. Benjamin E. Powell Memorial Room which houses the North Carolina Collection.

“This collection houses 16,000 books related to North Carolina and Durham history and culture, plus thousands more items pertinent to Durham city and county history…”  to learn more click here

We met the two history librarians, and they generously shared insights on how the Durham libraries are meeting the needs of community through The North Carolina Collection, Durham’s ComicCon, a rich humanities program, the availability of computers,  all the traditional amenities of all libraries and so much more.

I haven’t met a library I didn’t enjoy – and the Durham Main Library is yet another example of how the rich culture of the United States is being enhanced and preserved.

When was the last time you visited a library? What’s your favorite area/section?

Does your city’s main library have a collection of your state’s history?

On to Toast!

To finish off our visit to Durham, we had our soup at an authentic Italian Paninoteca…

On the third day between our birthdays,

my true love gave to me…


(at “Toast”  at Five Points…  WOW!)

We shared a bowl of chilled heritage tomato soup – it was silky smooth with a delicate yet robust flavor of tomato, a hint of basil and topped with a swirl of olive oil and crispy, garlicky croutons!  You can read more about our experience at Toast on our business website, Leadership Couples.  The couple who owns it is a husband and wife team!  Cool, huh?

What’s your favorite chilled soup?

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(Our next date was a visit to a place that I’d never been in all my 49 years…  and another bowl of soup! More coming tomorrow.)

We decided to try this series of posts because of a dare at The Happy Wives Club. So often we marriage bloggers give out great ideas, and Robert and I thought we should walk the talk… to make the ideas real. We’re learning a lot about each other through these forays. (I’ll write our observations at the end of the 12 dates.)

Have you ever tried a “dare” that caused you to grow in your marriage? What was it?

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