One of The Five Love Languages (book by Gary Chapman) is…


Now, Gary Chapman suggests that we all have a primary Love Language from the list of 5 – touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time & gifts – and sometimes we are ‘bi-lingual’ and speak two equally.

However there are times when our spouse’s love tank is running on empty.  The entire tank has only fumes.  And speaking in all 5 Love Languages is necessary.

So, even if your spouse’s primary Love Language isn’t Gifts, it’s OK to still give a gift.

What kind of gift?

The gift of the Gospel.

When was the last time you prayed over your spouse and asked God to give you a word – His Word – for your spouse?

Imagine gifting your spouse with a special Bible word you’ve sincerely asked God for…

And if you want to add to the experience, perhaps inscribe it onto something she’ll use – or – print it out with a striking font and put it into a lovely frame – or – create a card to display (ask for help from a friend who scrapbooks or look on and commission a piece of artwork with the scripture).

Have you ever gifted your spouse a scripture word?