Appreciate your spouse’s personality – regardless. Chances are you and your spouse enjoy different aspects in your makeup of who you are… all personalities are different. Some people

  • are extroverted and some are introverted.
  • start things and others finish things.
  • make decisions logically and others decide from their gut
  • improvise and others follow the instructions
  • need to achieve and others are more focused on the experience
  • communicate openly and others are reserved in their communication style
  • are competitive and others are more focused on inclusion

Despite how different you each are, do you appreciate your spouse’s personality?

How can you appreciate your spouse’s personality?

The first step is to realize all the positive aspects of your spouse.

Have you ever tried a Myers-Brigg assessment? There are many options which are free online. It provides one of 16 personality profiles. (Just google Myer-Brigg).

You could compare your DiSC profile. Robert facilitates this behavior style profile and has the option of adding to the secular side of the assessment a Biblical portion to describe patterns of behavior as they relate to Biblical persons. Learn more HERE and connect with Robert for the assessment details.

Pick up two copies of the book “StrengthFinder2.0” to learn about your spouse’s strengths – you’ll need two separate codes to complete the online assessment, that’s why you need two books for the two of you. We’ve done this with our adult children and it’s been fascinating to review how we all deal with life differently.

Do the Prepare/Enrich program – it includes a SCOPE assessment that highlights how you and your spouse are the same and different, so you can appreciate your spouse’s personality. Connect with Robert and me to do the Prepare/Enrich program.

Once you realize your spouse’s positive personality qualities, then what?

Showing your spouse you value her or him includes acknowledging their strengths. When was the last time you told your spouse what you value about her or him? Now’s a good time…

Here are three options to make sure your spouse knows how much you value aspects of their personality:

1 – Grab some sticky notes and write out a short sentence about one aspect per sticky note. Then place them all over the house. Robert did that for me and he was blown away by how much I appreciated those words of affirmation.

2 – This is a variation on the above idea…  instead of sticky notes, write out note cards and mail them. You could also use an app we love (download it to your phone), and send postcards. The company prints the post card from your photos and words and mails them. Check out the Postagram App

3 – Use your time in shared prayer to remind your spouse how much you value her/him. Thank God, out loud – for these aspects of your spouse’s personality. Do you pray together? If you haven’t prayed together in a while, here’s an article that might help you.

Do one of these activities – or all three – to show you value and appreciate your spouse’s personality!

Take Action to Encourage Your Spouse!

Appreciate your spouses personality to show you value her or him. 9 of 10

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