Yes. We’re headed toward Valentines. But that’s NOT what this post is about. Really! This post is about making your spouse smile. Anytime. All the time. Every day. Here are 51 ways to be the reason your spouse smiles… today! (You can also check out the Pinterest Board with all these ideas… )

What’s the first?

1. You smile first.   It makes it easy for your husband or wife to respond. smiley face

Playful ways to make your husband or wife smile:

2.  Sing your wife or husband the song, “You are my sunshine.” – leave it on their voicemail.
3.  Draw a picture of the two of you kissing (even if it’s stick figures with labels) as an IOU. Leave it under his/her toothbrush.
4.  Make her/him hot chocolate with a spritz of whipped cream. Put some whipped cream on your upper lip & serve it.
5.  Find an old photo of the two of you & post it on Facebook with the caption, “She/He makes me smile.”
6.  Make her/him a crown from tin foil. Label it “Queen”/”King” of my heart. Present it with a bow/curtsy.
7.  Wear a T-Shirt that expresses your positive feelings about being married.
8.  Tie a red paper heart onto her/his shoe laces, with the note, “You’ve tied up my heart.”
9.  Give him/her a banana with the words, “I’m bananas for you!” written on the peel.
10. Put post-it notes on your pillow cases, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Prince Charming”.

Sweet ways to make your wife or husband smile:

11. Make your husband/wife jello. (or jello shots) Remember, “Jello jiggles.” Share.
12. Wake her/him up with an aromatic, steaming cup of coffee… or tea.
13. Try your hand at pudding. Chocolate or banana pudding?
14. Carve out “I love you” from toast… ’cause hot bread with butter (and jam) is comforting – just like your spouse.
15. Make a trail of “smarties”… and end with a note that says, “You’re so smart – you picked me!”
16. Find an exclusive bakery & buy the MOST decadent cupcake you can find… Present it on a beautiful plate.
17. Serve your spouse a root beer float – and say, “Just like root beer, and ice cream, we might be good alone, but we’re better together!
18. Take a trip to your local ice cream shop… and indulge in a Sundae! (Monday to Sunday, doesn’t matter)
19. Get your bakery to make a “I still do” Cake… Who says you have to wait for an anniversary?
20. Chocolate.  (‘nough said)

Physical ways to make your husband or wife smile:

21. A hug.
22. A gentle tickle fight. (If it’s fun for both of you, of course.)
23. A foot rub.
24. A full body massage.
25. Hold hands.
26. A bubble bath or shower… together.
27. Intimacy.
28. Intimacy in new ways, at new times, in new places…
29. Kiss like you’re dating.
30. Be a Bandit – Sneak up and kiss him/her! Then run (or saunter, or ride) away.

Serving ways to make your wife or husband smile:

31. Clean or organize something that’s been bugging her/him.
32. Take care of yourself – because you’re someone he/she loves…
33. Be the chauffeur, and the “bag carrier”.
34. Cook a meal – even if it’s hot dogs. ‘Cause everything tastes better when someone else makes it.
35. Make the bed. It’s the biggest item in your bedroom, so it makes the greatest visual impact.
36. At a buffet, get up and make your husband/wife a plate of all their favorite foods.
37. Warm his/her toes. Or hands. Use your body parts to serve your spouse’s colder extremities.
38. Do the errands: dog grooming, dry cleaners, music/sports practice, etc.
39. Wash & vacuum the vehicle.
40. Fold the laundry and put it away.

Time together ways to make your husband or wife smile:

41. Watch the other’s favorite show with them – even if it’s Downton Abbey or Top Gear!
42. Join your wife or husband as they pursue their favorite hobby. (especially if it’s not yours)
43. Worship God together.
44. Listen to (old) songs that were on the radio when you dated.
45. Pull out the Twister game – be creative.
46. Find your kind of museum to visit. (there’s something for everyone here)
47. Talk. Ask Questions. Get to know each other. It’s never too early, it’s never too late, and it’s always needed.
48. Tell her/him a joke. (Reader’s Digest is a great resource.) Laughter is the best medicine!
49. Read aloud to each other: stories, poems, and your own love letters.
50. Build a fire together and then roast a marshmallow.

Look to the future.

51. Map out a vision of your future together! Dream, plan, get excited!

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