It’s autumn. The leaves are turning bright yellow, red and orange, then falling to the ground. We see pumpkins in the fields, and on door steps in suburban neighborhoods. The season to buy! buy! buy! is creeping up on the calendar.

Do you have any plans for the holidays? And if so what about time for you and your spouse?

How will you keep your marriage strong?

As fun as the next few months will be, there will also be stresses. I don’t need to make a list, do I? I’m sure you can fill in the blanks with all the mishaps and misunderstanding from other years.

What’s your strategy to stay connected and aligned with your spouse during the next two months? It’s not enough to “wing it” in these busy days ahead – you need to have a plan.

And every plan works well if there’s a bit of fun incorporated!

Quick! Can you mark in some dates with your spouse in November and December? Yes. Really quick – before all the holiday invitations start to show up.

Demonstrate to your spouse how much you value her/him by making it a priority to spend time together.

How can you spend time together – really inexpensively – to stay aligned and in tune with each other? Keep the dates cheap, but fun. Simple, but fun. Private, but active. And allow you two – husband and wife – to slow down and talk about what’s going on in your lives; to catch your breath and stay connected.

Make memories together – as a connected couple!

5 Autumn Ideas to Stay a Connected Couple

Here’s the criteria:  fun, cheap, private and active.

1. Sparklers in the dark.

adding a spark of fun 5 Autumn Dates to Stay Connected with your SpouseBuy a package of sparklers, and go outside after the kids are in bed and it’s dark. Light those sparklers, and play! Run around the yard, write your names in the air, and kiss under them. (Use good judgement and watch out for your hair/clothes – those sparks can ignite!)

Set up your camera with a timer – create fun photos to share with family & friends. Capture your memories of the evening!

2.  Plant some bulbs.

Plant some Hope - 5 Autumn Dates to Stay Connected to your spouseThe leaves might be falling off the trees, but it’s also time to plant some hope for spring:  daffodils, crocus and tulips!  Buy a few bulbs, and dig in the dirt one morning or afternoon to plant them. Talk together about next spring, and your hopes for that time. Digging in the dirt is therapeutic!  If you don’t have your own yard, talk with your church, or a local daycare to see if they’d mind you planting a few bulbs.

You can enjoy the moment and still look to the future when you’re planting some bulbs!

3. Do an outdoor movie.

Do you remember outdoor drive-ins?  (Robert and I visited an outdoor theater in Canada on our travels.) You might be able to find a drive-in theater in your area – here’s a link to find one in the USA –  but even if you can’t find one, it might be fun to try in your own backyard, or driveway!

Just take your laptop, and a DVD out to your vehicle, bring some drinks and some snacks, add blankets, and snuggle together!  Or you can have a fully outdoor experience by pushing two loungers together and zipping up two sleeping bags to snuggle in as you watch your movie.

Remember those teenage years? Oh, the fun you can have under the blankets, while watching a movie! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

4. Hot chocolate (oatmeal) and a sunrise.

Yes… Yes.  I know you love your coffee in the morning. So do we! But if you’re going to get up to watch the sun rise, maybe your spouse needs a little more incentive. Try a version of hot chocolate oatmeal in your slow-cooker! I’ve put some recipes on a Pinterest board for you try!  Start it cooking before you go to bed, and it’ll be done by morning. Some of the recipes are with stevia & coconut milk, others incorporate yummy extras like cherries, or pecans & toasted coconut.  (Click here to go to the recipes.)

Take your hot chocolate oatmeal outside, and watch the sun rise – start the day together.

Follow Robert & Lori @’s board Oatmeal Overnight in the Slow Cooker / Crockpot on Pinterest.

5. Bake some cookies.

Why do we only think to bake stuff with our kids? Put your kids to bed, then, why not make it a date! Just you and your spouse – to bake and decorate cookies together. (And you might playfully add some decorations to each other… you’re alone, remember?)

It doesn’t matter if the two of you aren’t “bakers”! Get some prepared dough, and just do the decorating. It’s about having fun together.  If cookies aren’t your style, then try chocolate bark. Here’s a recipe post about making chocolate bark to get you started – it’s really easy.

And if you don’t want to eat all the cookies, then deliver a package to a senior or single dad/mom who might appreciate a little gift. 

Put a few of these date ideas on your calendar.

Take action. Make a date – for your autumn dates! 

Any other ideas?  Leave a comment and share!  I’d especially love it if you could add to the slow-cooker oatmeal recipes. If you have a recipe you make with/for your spouse let’s chat!

5 Autumn Date Ideas to Stay Connected - Sparklers after Dark - Planting Hope - Chocolate Oatmeal and more!

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