Stepping out – a bit… sort of.

Stepping out – a bit… sort of.

I’ve done my first guest post on another blog!

(OK – I this is kinda cheating and you’ll find out why further down this post.)

You probably don’t realize this – but writing for someone else is a huge step for me.  I mean, I blogged here at Encourage Your Spouse for 4 years and never promoted what I wrote or told anyone that I was blogging.

Last July I stepped out to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and all of a sudden people read what I wrote.  Boy, was that scary!

(It’s funny the stuff that keeps us from trying something new.)

Here I am a year later – and I’ve made some completely wonderful online friends!  It’s been such a lovely experience connecting with you all!

I’ve felt so blessed and so humbled.

Thank you for your encouragement!

So…  wanna know who encouraged me to ‘guest post’?

My greatest encourager – Robert!

Today I guest posted on his blog – Ferguson Values – about… you guessed it… Encouragement in Marriage!

(Hah.  Not too much of a stretch, eh?)

Here’s how I started:

We all enjoy encouragement.

Encouragement feels good whether it’s an approving smile from a co-worker, a pat-on-the-back from a peer, or a note of thanks from an employer.  Even a stranger has the power to encourage us because they’ve noticed who we are and have shown an interest.  However, we value encouragement more from some than others.

~ from “Encouragement is an Investment”

To continue reading click HERE !

(Robert has always been good at encouraging me to step out – to try something new – to overcome my fears.  He continually ‘adds in courage’ .  Thanks, Rob!)

What are you doing to encourage your spouse to step out – past some of their fears?


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  1. What great tips and advice!! I especially enjoyed Investing in prayer and the spouse you interviewed that said the main reason he wanted to marry his wife was because he knew she was a prayer warrior. I love it!!

  2. Thank so much for reading – and your encouragement.

    That couple I spoke of – they’re married 22 years now. They acknowledged that their backgrounds were very different – their outlook on life was different, yet they were brought together by God. The wife told me just this past February that they’re exploring a new way to communicate… through texting each other. She said it was exciting to find they could flirt on a whole new (private) level!

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