Encouraging Words: Lighten

Encouraging Words:  Lighten

Question:  What do you think…  

Is she adding to her spouse’s group of boxes?


Is she removing a box – ready to carry it herself?

This is an odd image – when I first saw it, I perceived it as a story where she was accepting a box to carry from the load her spouse was holding…  then I looked closer, and realized it might be the opposite.  What do you think?

Encouragement is about lightening the load.

How does your spouse perceive your support - do you add to their burden or do your actions lighten the load?

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1 Comment

  1. That picture is just like the half-full or half-empty glass. However, I know that is not the point of your post.

    I agree with you that when our spouse is facing something tough (probably at work), we must be there to lighten up his load.
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