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This page is a work in progress – and not in order of preference!  There’s no way to decide an order – the blogs are awesome for very different reasons.  I’m also using this page to keep myself organized.  I’ll keep adding as time permits!

These bloggers provide such joy.  Please – spend time exploring!


Author Cynthia Herron – Specifically her blog posts on encouragement. (’cause sometimes the encourager needs to be encouraged too… :-)  )  Cynthia writes Christian romances and says “Because I’m a Christian, I know that “with Christ all things are possible.” Circumstances are merely miracles in the making, and true love really does exist!”  I agree!

Essential Things Devotions - This is a new blog for me – and Mel writes directly into my heart. She’s transparent and insightful. I can connect with her way of looking at scripture and then translating it to everyday life.

The Romantic Vineyard - my friend Debi & her husband Tom.  The first couple that Robert and I have connected with first online, and then had the privilege to meet!  I’m praying that the Lord allows more of these friendships to develop!  She has the best date ideas!

Ferguson Values  - this is written by my most favorite person in the whole world.  My husband Robert!  He writes on how our values shape our lives.  Do you know your values?

Cooking with Elise - a chef with a mission – to bring families into the kitchen to cook together.  Her first book, You Never Cook Alone, was just released!

Also take visit the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association – there are so many awesome posts on marriage from this group!


  1. Aw, thanks for the blog love, Lori. You are a dear friend, and I love that you’ve linked to Bonnie’s blog too. She’s a good friend who has always made me laugh. It’s fun having her live a block away. And it’s great having you only a blog away! :-)

    • :-)

  2. Thank you sweet friend. I would love to spend time with you as we share a cup of tea together. What fun we would have!!

  3. Lori, you are THE BEST cheerleader I know and I love you!

  4. Lori,

    My wife and I just discovered your site and have bookmarked it because we will be back often. Thank you for putting this site together. It has already been a wonderful blessing to us.

    Bradley and Alison

    P.S. The link to “The Marriage Checklist” is a bad link. The website does not exist. Fixing this will help increase your rank on Google. :-)

    • Thanks for your kind encouragement, Bradley & Alison!

      (also for the heads up for Ann’s website – she’s changed her focus and now blogs on leadership – her marriage site isn’t up anymore. It’s funny. A blog needs housecleaning as much as a home! ;-) )
      Lori recently posted..The Secret to Our Happy MarriageMy Profile

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